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Revolution???? flee control

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Just took our new kittens to the vet, and they have ear mites and flees...
The vet gave us revolution to put on them, has anyone used this product before? How well did it work for fighting and killing flees?
ANY other tips to keep the flees away and from reproducing would be great help!!!
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When i first got Rosie i found a flea on her, and she was given "Frontline", but i don't know if they sell it where you are?.
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Just don't use the Hartz care flea drops. They work just like advantage. I used them once and called my vet because she licked it. The vet told me to wash her immediatly and to call her back. I washed her and then when I called the vet back they said thousands of cats have died from the Hartz. It causes neurological problems and they start having tremors etc. I stayed home and watched Dori for the next 2 days and luckily she was ok. I did some research online and found there were class action lawsuits against Hartz.
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Yay! ok sorry, I absolutely positively LOOOOOOOOVE Revolution, it works against fleas, ear mites, ticks and some mange. I hava tried frontline and all of those but none of them work very well on our cats. Revolution is a tad more expensive, but I have found it very nicely priced on www.bullwrinkle.com, on the left side of the screen click on pet medicine and then click on fleas and ticks, and then Revolution. If the left side doesn't come up it means you don't have java and you will need to scroll down towards the bottom and under discount pet medicines, click on Revolution. I have found this site is cheaper then all the vets I have gone to and all the online pet pharmacies!!!
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I've used both Frontline and Revolution. My cats absolutely hated getting the Frontline treatments. However, they don't even notice when I apply the Revolution. Because I use this with the ferals I care for (the ones I can get close enough to) I particularly like Revolution because it gets rid of fleas, ear mites, and several types of worms.
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Thanks to everyone for their advice, and it is greatly appreciated! I am hoping that it works well.
-Meagan---thanks, I will for sure cheak that website out!
-squirtle---Oh my ghoss, I am glad your cat is ok, and didnt get hurt from the protection! Actually, when I applied the revolution to one of our cats, she licked it a little, I had to monitor her and follow her around for the two hours. When I was applying it to her she moved and I wasnt ready, so the medication was applied lower than it was supposed to be. She seems to be better already though!

Thanks Everyone!
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I also was told it helps to protect the cats from heart worms .
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I tried that link that you suggested (www.bullwrinkle.com),and it said 'this page cannot be displayed.' Are you certain of that address? I'd love to be able to find Revolution at a good price! Thanks!
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I just clicked on it and it worked, but the other day it wasn't working, I also found this site, they are from Australia so the packages don't look the exact same http://www.vetproductsdirect.com.au/...=&MatrixType=1

EDIT: If you haven't read the other thread about fleameds.com and flea medicine on here I would. I guess we just have to find a vet that isn't to overpriced now!
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Hi all---just a quick post re: my experience buying Frontline from Bullwrinkle.com. When clicking on Frontline they direct you to a web site called entirelypets.com. I ordered the Frontline Spot On and while it arrived quickly, I believe it to be counterfeit or at the very least of questionable origin. I was educated on this site (thank you!) to be on the lookout for such products and then learned more here: http://www.frontline.com/epa/.

Long story short, e-mailed the company, explained that I believed the product to be counterfeit and promptly received a reponse saying they'll refund my money if I send it back. I did and they received it a week ago. Still no refund to my credit card, but maybe it hasn't been long enough. Just e-mailed them again. Will keep you posted. Please be aware when buying these products on the internet!! Question the retailer or seller to ensure that you're buying a legitimate product.
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I and my daughter have bought from Entirely pets for nearly a year
with no problems..Also I checked my Frontline and the packaging was
ok..Just like they said on the website http://www.frontline.com/epa/
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Hmmm, interesting. My product packaging from Entirely Pets was exactly as described in the counterfeit example on Frontline's web site AND the ingredients were off. The percentage of Fipronil said one thing on the outside packaging and another thing inside. Definetly not kosher.....just my experience. I won't order through them again....(still have not heard back from them about a refund, though they've had the product back for over a week)..
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When I lived in San Diego, I had flea problems. San Diego has been called the Flea capital of the world.

I moved back to Kingman, AZ in 1996. My cats loved it. There are no fleas here. It is too dry. Most of my cats do not even know what a flea is.

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I wrote to Entirely Pets about the Frontline and here was their reply
Dear linkay42@bellsouth.net,

Thank you for your email. We sell the same product that your veterinarian
does. Our staff veterinarians purchase our product from outside sales
representatives from the manufacturers themselves. The EPC is talking
about foreign product that has been distributed within the U.S. We ship
throughout the world. If (by some mistake) you receive foreign product,
please contact us immediately so that we can replace it for you. Our toll
free telephone number is 1-800-889-8967. Thank you for your concern.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at
associates@entirelypets.com. Thank you for your interest in
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