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Kitten "nursing" from male cat

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I'm getting a little concerned about this. Sparky is about 3 months old now, and he likes to cuddle up to Blackie and try to nurse from him. I assume he was weaned too young, and Blackie is pretty tolerant of it, all things considered.

Male cats have nipples, right? Just no milk. So Sparky is probably attached to one of them? It's just, he seems so far down Blackie's belly, really close to his back legs, and I'm not always sure it's a nipple he found.

I feel stupid and embarassed for asking, but do I need to be paying more attention to this?
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Dear Sunlion :angel2:

Awwwww...poor little baby was weaned too early...yep, I've seen that happen before...I don't think it's anything to be too concerned about. If Blackie is tolerant and isn't batting at Sparkie, there's definitely nothing to be too concerned over. My cat did that until he was about 5 months old; he grew out of it

It's kinda funny and strange at the same time, but at least Blackie accepts him so unconditionally

Love, Peace &
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We had a similar experience when we brought Spooky and Speckals home. Dusty had been our only kitty for many years prior to their arrival and I wondered how they would get along. It didn't take very long before Dusty decided that he would be their "mommy". He would give them baths and allow them to nurse. We thought it was very unusual for a male cat to do such a thing but it was adorable to watch him "mother" them.
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Hi Sunlion

If the kitty sucks on Blackies's penis instead of his nipples, he might hurt it, so it's better to be careful about it .

I don't know if Blackie is neutered & if neutered, if he has any penis left ??
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I'm sure he must still have a penis because how else would he pee? The neutering just removes the testicles, I think. Yeeouch!

Unless Blackie cries out from being hurt, how would I know what part Sparky was attached to? And if for some reason they both enjoy it, is that a problem? (Great, feline homosexuality, not that it matters but I can't believe I'm wondering about this now! )


Yes, they are very cute all curled up together. Blackie is a good mommy most of the time, but sometimes (like all us mommies) he gets a little tired of his kitten always being on him. they also wrestle, you know, and those kitten teeth hurt! Esp. since Sparky plays for keeps!
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I'm sure he must still have a penis because how else would he pee? The neutering just removes the testicles, I think. Yeeouch
Sunlion, you are right..Sorry, my stupidity

Minnosh used to do the same on her brother's penis until when they were around 2 months old ! Then I gave the brother to a friend, & now she occasionally sucks on blanket..

I read about bitter apple sauce or something in some other thread.. You might want to try putting on his penis (maybe on his nipples, too)it if it starts annoying Blackie or if the kitty starts hurting his penis ??
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You all are on the right track...Blackie has his penis in tact...just the other rommates have left the building.
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Dusty must have been around 10 or 11 years old when we got the other 2. He, too, would get annoyed after awhile with their kitten antics and end up giving them a swat to let them know he had enough and that they should leave him alone and go bother someone else with all their kitten energy.
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