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spraying--male vs female

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Our 19-year-old calico (female) recently died, and two years ago, we lost our 17-year-old black cat (a neutered male). As we get ready to bring two new cats into our house, I am eager to know whether there's any evidence to support our theory that male cats spray more often than female cats. Is this true? We've chosen two lovely neutered males to bring into the house, but are a little nervous that we might be setting ourselves up for spraying problems. Our old fixed male sprayed once or twice in his life and that was it, but owning one neutered male in 17 years doesn't give us a whole lot of experience with gobs of cats. Any insight?
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In all the male cats I have remembered owning only about 2 or 3 sprayed, none of my females ever did though. (they were all spayed and neutered)
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Of my 3 spayed females, Joji sprays. She had a brother (neutered) who did too. When he died, Joji took over the job. All my cats are outdoor and my property is often visited by passing strays/ferals/neighbor's cats so maybe this is why Joji does it. So in my experience, as long as they smell a strange cat, the alpha will spray.
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In all of my many years of living with many cats, I have only had one cat who sprayed. He was an adult cat I rescued and he was very territorial. He sprayed when I we adopted a new cat, and then again if I ever bring in any outdoor cat scents. But, other than him, none of my spayed/neutered males or females have ever sprayed.

So...as long as they are neutered, I doubt you will have a problem.
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