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Older cat in need of help

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Friend of mine Bob suggested this site to help me with my dilema. My great aunt had a stroke recently and is in the hospital, and will be going to a home. We (the family) need to find a home for her beloved cat. He is about 5 years old (give or take) declawed and neutered and is a very loving guy. The cat is located in Oregon and I would be willing to bring him to whomever would like him. Thanks so much in advance.
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a few tips for you:

Post an ad in the Petfinder classifieds. Go to www.petfinder.com and click on the link to Classifieds on the top of the ad.

Ask for an adoption fee (maybe $20-$50). This can help keep away people that want cats for experimentation or for dog fighting bait. (I know it's disgusting and unthinkable, but it's reality). Please, never put "Free to a good home" on anything, it's just asking for trouble. If you find a great family and choose not to charge the fee, they'll be even happier.

See if you can include the litter box, litter, food bowls, toys, poop scoops and anything else you aunt may have had for the cat. It's easier on the cat to have some of it's own things and it's good for the new owners to have equipment to start out with (if they don't already).

Put an ad in your local papers, up at the grocery stores and anywhere else these things can be posted.

on your ads, put as many Personal things that you can about the cat. Is he/she a cuddler, good with kids, dogs, other cats, does he/she do well alone and therefore be good for a working family?

Most important of all, don't lie. You can put a cat in alot of danger if you tell someone that he's sweet and he's really not all the time. They should know what they're getting up-front.

I answer a "owner surrender" line for the rescue that I foster for and I've been through alot of this. If you want more advise or need help, please feel free to PM me. I'll do anything I can to help you out.

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If possible, if someone from within your family could take the cat..that would be ideal. Otherwise..I would suggest you talk to coworkers and friends to see if they know anyone who wants a cat. Additionally, you can use the PDF in the attached link called "how to find homes for homeless pets" which has information on placing ads and a sample contract:


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why can't you just keep him......sounds like he's ready to love!!!
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I would in a heartbeat! Two problems:
1. My husband said 4 is too many
2. My cats would tear that poor thing to pieces.
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I live in Oregon and I would take him but for one thing, the declaw. If any of my other cats took a dislike to him, he would have no defense weapon besides his teeth.
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Thanks, depending on where you lived, i might be able to take him and pick him up if it didn't work out. I talked to hubby last nite and he said I could keep him if i got rid of my two babies (they are 1 year olds). Can win here huh? lol
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Here is a picture of the cat. Just picked him up today. http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/msgr/tillamook2/.tmp/spooky.jpg?msfxDQABDoIZCfYX[/url]
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Oh, he's just beautiful. Good luck finding the perfect place for him!
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How gorgeous! Unfortunately I have too many cats as it is, and even if I had room, I could never take in a declawed kittie, my babies love to play and sometimes they use claws...a couple of them also like to bug the heck out of the older ones so I wouldn't want him to be in danger.
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When you said "My Husband won't allow me" I had to chuckle as there are many things I, as a Husband, forbid my Wife to do and she just ignores me.

When I say "Jump", she says, "Yea, right."
Might I suggest you employ a tactic my Wife uses?
Just keep putting it off and ignoring him, as my Wife does and sooner or later, I just give up, give in and everyone's happy or learns to be. A few burnt meals and starched shorts might emphasize the point?
"Oh, I'm sorry, Honey. Did I starch your underwear again?
When my wife buys a can of Faultless spray starch, I know I'm treading on thin ice.

All kidding aside, it's been my experience (albeit limited) that a local vet's office will or might know of an older person who is looking for a declawed cat.
It seems as though every vet's office I visit has a not on a bullitan board where someone is looking for exactly the kind of cat you have.
Maybe they have a client that has recently lost a pet and might want another?
You certainly would have more to gain and less to lose by calling all the Vets in your area.
Best of luck,
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Wonderful news! I found the perfect home for him. He will an only pet with two children and a widow.
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Oh that is wonderful news. Most of the time these types of situations end so poorly.
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