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funny story ...Alex, my foster cat

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Alex is a smaller, black male kitty that came to me a week ago with two other foster cats. He's neutered along with the other male and a spayed female. AFter 6 days in our cat room (just a bedroom set up for our fosters), we had a knock out fight between them. I didn't actually see it, but when I ran into the room, Alex had a mouthful of white hair (the orange tabbies) and there was black hair all over from Alex. I immediatly removed Alex as it appeared that he was the one being picked on and he was only defending himself. After he was removed the orange tabby, O'Malley and the tortie female, Sweetpea did fine together. Everyone was throughly checked over and found to have no nasty wounds. Now Alex is living in my kitchen with a baby gate up seperating him from my three big, hyper dogs.

Now, here's where it gets good. Alex hid from the dogs for the first day, but at dinner time came out meowing and ready to eat. We set up his food and litter box in the kitchen and he decided to spend his time watching the dogs from under the kitchen table.

When evening came around, Alex wanted to get some love, but was still afraid of the dogs. We have a "window" type thing between the kitchn and the living room, so you can see from one room to the other (there is no glass, it's just open). Almost kinda like a bar.

So, the dogs are sleeping on the couch, Andy and I are watching TV and all of a sudden, Alex walks right through the window, across the back of the couch (and past the dogs) and onto my husband's lap. He then lays down, rolls onto his back and spreads his legs for a full belly rub!!! Now, my husband hasn't spent any considerable time with Alex, so it was surprising that he went all the way across the room to get to Andy when he could have plopped down on my lap as I was right near the window.

Anyways, it was just the cutest thing you'd ever see. The dogs just stared at him like "look at this crazy cat walking past us like we're not even here".

Now that's the kind of thing a foster cat can do to earn a permanent place in our home. He's buttering up my husband, maybe because he know's I'd keep every one of them if he'd let me.

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That is TOO cute!
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Make ya wonder if he engineered his removal from the cat room, so he would have a better chance to scope out the household? -- nah, "dumb" animal, couldn't do that -- much.
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That's funny. Alex isn't shy at all, is he? It sounds as if he could fit right in there.
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Smart boy Alex!! Smooze up to the papa and work your magic on him!

Sounds like my house - I'd take them all in and Steve keeps me honest about it all!! LOL
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that is just the cutest thing ever!

So how's it going on the keeping of the kitty?
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I tell you what, Alex is doing alot better than my dogs.

I woke up this morning when I heard the door slam (hub was very upset). So, I went downstairs to investigate. Well, my three beautiful boxer dogs had gotton into my lunch for tomorow. The worst part is that it was soup (in a sort of milk-carton like container). They had chewed through the cardboard and the soup spilled all over; which they proceeded to lick off the COUCHES (which is where it spilled). Uggggg

I cannot WAIT until they are out of the puppy stage!!! Cats are easy compared to these three monsters!!

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As a former boxer owner, I feel it's my duty to warn you that the "puppy stage" can be rather long. Our boxer finally started to slow/calm down at the age of eight! The only thing I can find fault with is that he couldn't be trusted to make up with other dogs. Otherwise he was perfect, and is still sorely missed.
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Alex sounds like a complete sweetheart! Cats are so smart - he knows what he's doing!
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I know what you mean. My three boxers are nearly 3 years old and still silly as ever. It's just my husband and I who are at fault; leaving food around!!

I also know about the "does not play well with other's" thing. In fact, we moved to the suburbs and bought a house just for our dog Clyde. We got to the point where we couldn't even bring him for walks because he would scare people. But, he's very happy with his new big back yard (and so are we).

Take care,

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P.S. Everyone,

Last night my husband Andy came home from work and asked if we should move Alex "upstairs". That is where our permanent cats live.

We're still thinking about it, but it's good to know that he's willing to add a number 3 to our troop.

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Oh, well done, Alex! You suckered the daddy. Good job.
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