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Our D.T. for Monday

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ah another week!

I'm all pumped up on coffee. I didn't fall asleep until 6 am this morning & then my alarm went off at 7. Sunday nights are always stressful for me because Mondays I work from 7am until 9pm and the day is pretty non-stop. Then I'm back to work at 7am on tuesday and there until 6:30.

So mondays start at 7am and they don't feel like they end until tuesday at 6:30.

anyway, not to complain. I'm just high on a coffee buzz. I don't normally drink coffee because it wacks me out, but I had to today. On the way to work I stopped and bought some red bull energy drinks and I will have those today as I run out of gas.

Nothing really going on here today. Just work work work. Just have to make it to BB2 tomorrow night!

hope everyone has a beautiful monday
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Not much going on here today. The kids and I are going to clean their rooms and sort out toys and clothes they've outgrown. Then this afternoon we're going to go to the gym. That's about it. Pretty darned dull. Sigh...
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I am so tired, my face is numb.Was up most the night with the new aririvals. Two of the kittens crossed over early this morning. They will be buried under the walnut tree. All the little ones are clogged with URI their eyes are crusted shut. I have the antibiotic to give them, but as scrawny as they are I would guess mom didn't do much nursing. One little beige one won't eat unless you stick his nose right in the food, because he can't smell it. This is a pretty sick group of kitties, no kitty play, they just lay around a lot. I will be taking them to the vet later today. They are still cute though, and I am hoping for the best.
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Hissy - Are these the kittens you got from the little girl at the store? Or did I miss something yesterday? That's so sad that they're in such bad shape. I hope the rest can make it after they see the vet. What were these people thinking?
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All I can say is thank God you came along when you did. If you hadn't none of them would have had a fighting chance at life. anyone who picks up a kitten from a walmart parking lot is probably not going to go the extra mile to nurse it back to health, staying up to all hours of the night, spending money at the vets....etc.

because of you they will have a chance at life.
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This reminds me of a problem we recently had here in the metroplex, I think it was in Plano. A family gave away a litter of kittens at Walmart. They kept one because he wasn't feeling too well. Turns out he had rabies! The mother had defended her babies against a rabid racoon in the garage and passed it along to all her kittens. But the owners only had that one left and of course had no idea who had taken the kittens at walmart. So the media started a huge campaign to find all the kittens. Thankfully (and pretty amazingly) they did and I think the other kittens had rabies too (I'm not sure that they all did, but some did). Pretty scary.
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i am so accustomed to seeing new kitties come here with URI. Really common over here in this neck of the woods. I am not used to them passing over though. Doubt I will ever get used to that. fern's babies were the first ones in a long time where the URI wasn't so bad. They are cuties though, and once they are healthy, I am hopeful I will be able to find them good loving homes.
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Dawn, I hadn't heard about that! Wow, our kitten is from some kids in a park, I guess we are really lucky.

Hissy, I'm so sorry your babies aren't feeling well. Have you tried keeping them clean with a warm moist wash cloth? I know it won't help with the congestion, but if their eyes and noses are cleaner they might feel better and there is less risk of infection growing under the mucus. Just an idea.

In other news, I spent the weekend watching my cousin get married. I forgot how much I just plain like my family. They are good people.

Here is a little article about a cat named Blowfish. I actually laughed out loud at it, hope you enjoy it. (When I figure out how to put it in as a link, I'll do that but for now you'll probably have to cut and paste it in your browser.)

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Sunlion, that story was way too funny! Thanks!
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I hate Mondays. Especially if I worked overtime on Sunday which is what I did.

I went to a funeral today. My friend's 20 year old son was killed in a car accident. He was one of the very few who was raised right by his mother. Didn't belong to a gang, didn't do drugs, treated his elders with respect and always went to church. There were so many people there. It gave me the chance to reflect on things. Life is way too short for grudges, revenge, anger or pity. Anyone's life could be wiped out in a New York minute. The bottom line is LIFE IS NOT A DRESS REHEARSAL!!!!

Hope everyone has a great day!

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is this day over yet?!?!!?
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sorry to add, mines wasn't the most thrilling monday either.
I had to work and after work I went to a friends visitation. He was killed in an industrial accident in Wisconsin and the people doing the investigation still haven't given the family a straight answer on what "exactly" happened, so it is doubly hard on them.
But on the small plus side, I found the shrimp that I was searching for in my boyfriends tank before he killed any fish so well, at least my day is going uphill?
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Well, what is Monday for most of you is actually my Wednesday. Yes, hump day...I am 3 days into my work week So, when most of you are rejoicing over your hump day, I will be in my Friday.
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My day was fine actually... Maybe it's because we start the week on Sunday?

Sorry to hear about your day, everyone. Some of you seem to have had a rough beginning for this week. Donna, it's encouraging to see that you came out of this horrible experience with such a positive message and you're totally right there too!

Actually, it's Tuesday morning over here, but as it's 5 AM and I've been rolling in my bed for the past 3-4 hours, I figured I might as well get up and do some typing I didn't want to wake hubby, so I'm not using my laptop but rather the computer in the study, so I won't be too long. I don't know why I couldn't sleep. I suspect it was the 2 chocolate chip cookied I ate before going to bed. It might sound silly, but I am so off caffeine nowdays that I think that that was enough caffeine to keep me up. Besides, my belly seems to be growing by the day (and night) and I can't seem to find the right position to sleep in... plus I was hungry and kept thinking about food which didn't help much... I have the strangest food cravings, the latest of which is carp fish filled with garlic and corriander. Sounds dumb, doesn't it? It's a traditional Persian dish that I tasted when I was no older than 7-8 and now I keep thinking about it... I don't even know how to make the thing. I ate it while visiting friends of parents that were of Persian origin more than 20 years ago. I have no idea where to find the recipe now, nor do I feel like cooking :fish:

Forgive my ramblings - I am too tired to think straight.
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