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the story of Orangie

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It actually started with Casper, a small black cat that was left behind when the neighbors moved... My parents and I already had a dog and a cat, we 'had no room' as we said. Casper was sweet, he was loving and gosh did he crave attention. I am not sure why he came to us, small, malnurished, with a collar growing in to his fur. We could not help it, we brought him in. But he did not want to stay. At the time we did not know about TNR, we were ignorant, now 37 cats later, we know much. Back to the story of Orangie. Casper came one day with a female, she was scared, shy and apprehensive, she would not be touched, or even approched, but day by day we fed her and gave her water, we all talked to her, trying to get her to see that we were safe. Casper continued to bring home females, and the huts got full, th Kitten were aboundent and we were feeling overwhelmed. We learned of TNR. All but Orangie we caught, we spayed and nuetered, got shots, tried to tame just a little. But there was Orangie, to smart for the traps, to scare to be picked up, she was afraid of us. This winter after four years of chasing Orangie to get her in to TNR, she walked in to the house!!! She just walked in like she lived there, so we caged her and made the appointment. Our "Breed queen" was finally fixed. she had so many ltters that her body was falling apart. The vet actually said that had we not gotten her in the next litter would have surely killed her. (he also said she looked to be about two years old and was shocked when we said we had been tring to catch her for 4 years.) Orangie Was a feral, born to a wild cat, not just a free roamer, or a stray, she had never been anyones pet. After the surgery we took her home to the healing room. (A room designated in my house for the recovery prosess after the cats have surgery) however, now she loves!! She loves us, our other animals, and even some close friends that come by the house. She has changed so much. She is now one of our group of indoor cats for we can not bear to put her back out since she has gotten so friendly. I just wanted to say that this Feral, was given a chance and is now on her way to a furever home. So I think it is possible with time, (alot of it- about three yrs) and love some ferals will come to know and love a human touch. This does not mean all, maybe we just have a way with cats at my house, this is the foiurth cat we have accomplished this process with.
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OMG , this story of Orangie has truly touched me
Thank you for saving her life and all the other life you all saved .
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Thank you for sharing this story and giving Orangie a better life!!

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What a wonderful story! And, what wonderful work you do for the ferals in your area. We need more good, caring souls like you in our world!

We are glad to have you here at TheCatSite!

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Thank you for giving this feral a chance and for sharing your story. Welcome!
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Phendric, what a wonderful, wonderful story! So many of us learn the hard way, you are NOT alone!!!! You and your family have been such angels, and I would LOVE to share this story!!! Can we post it in the rescue section of www.savesamoa.org? Please?

And BTW - CONGRATULATIONS on spaying Orangie! I'm really not surprised the vet said that, and that the timing was such that she would not have survived another litter. Cats seem to have a way of knowing when they need human help, and they bring themselves or their families to us, often "just in time." What a brave, smart kitty. And bravo to you for all you've done for her and her extended family!

(Any pics? )
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LDG please do post the story on the savesamoa.org website. I think all people should know what is possile with love and patience. I am working on loading pictures of all of our sucess stories, we have Casper, Orangie, Urdel, Marble, Calli, Fluffman, Fluffers, Freak, Gato, Chat, Unique, Bigman, Black Mamma, Meanie, Meow, Mr. Lippshkins, Aunry, E.G., Survi, O.J., Bozo, Smokey Joe, Scortch (now F.Scott) Neko (now Zelda),D.G., Stripe, C-A-T and a few more, so it may take me a while, wish me luck.
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Oh, I really look forward to it! I'm so glad you've taken on the project. It is SO worth it!!!! Let us know when it's up, and feel free to share your experiences with all of us - lots of people come to ask questions here, and the more experienced people that can help to chip in and answer questions, the better.

We'll let you know when the story's up.
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Phendric - I sent you a private message requestion just two pieces of information. Being new to the site I thought I ought to alert you here - I know I didn't know Private Messaging existed when I joined TCS. To read a PM, click on the button called "user cp" up under the Royal Canin ad. Thanks!

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Here is the latest pic. of Orangie. The rest of the kids should be on Fur Pictures soon.
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Oh! She is gorgeous. It looks like her back half is muted tortie and her front half is striped grey tabby. How beautiful!
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What a great hopeful story. My kitty lived on the streets for months I learned. He was saved by a caring organization and then I adopted him. I swear it amazes me how friendly he still is after that. And I CAN'T see this cat living outside, he hates being cold and gets scared really easily outsde. Well bless you and ORangie is a lucky girl.
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The lovely Orangie's story is now up on www.SaveSamoa.org . (Go to Cat Rescue Stories, follow the link to Orangie's button, click it for her story.)
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Just want to say great story and a big thumbs up to all you are doing for your feral babies!! The majority of mine came from similar backgrounds and I had to laugh at your remark of learning about TNR - wow that was so me 10 years ago!!!!
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