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Monday DT

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Mondays...those are the worst! Well at least today anyway. It all started off on the wrong foot starting with the brat cats. I have no idea what their problems were but they were getting into everything possible last night while I was in bed...especially Tiki. She was constantly yowling to get attention or knocking something off the counters just hear it hit the floor. I had to get up several times just see what in the world they were doing. Then before I knew it my alarm was squawking like crazy & I didn't want to get outta bed for anything. Finally I drug my tired bum outta bed only to feel very faint & nauseous. I really thought I was going to pass out for a minute or two. Boy was that scary! Right now, my stomach is doing flipflops & I feel horrible. I felt bad calling in to work this morning, but I would hate to drive or work feeling like I'm going to pass out. Hopefully they'll understand that.

Well...I think I'm heading off to bed once again. Maybe this time the brat cats will be calmed down a bit.

Hope everyone has a great Monday & hopefully it'll start off better for you than it has for me.
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Hope you feel better Shell! Take care!
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I can honestly say i love my job. I work as a receptionist, and have many clients over the years who have become like friends.

But theres one i have had today, who, because i did'nt jump at his command and get my director in a head lock to make sure he picked up his telephone to ring him back, started getting a strop on with me!!.

It made him even worse when i was very calm, very polite despite his whining!. I'll not say what i said about him once my receiver was put down!!.

But he has'nt ruined my day. The rest of our clients make up for this 'little man'!!

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Sounds like some kind of stomach bug, Shell. Push those clear liquids and flush it out.

My crew were into things, during the night, too. As soon as I went to bed, Rowdy started banging the bathroom cupboard door. I got up and chased her out but, as soon I went back to bed, she was back in there. That time, she was batting around my spring-loaded toilet brush holder. I gave her a spritz and told her to knock it off. That's when she decided to drag race Buddy, through the house and get into a wrestling match, in the hallway. During all of this, Opie was comfortably snuggled up next to me.

Got up, to find that its raining. This will definitely be an ibuprofen day. The dogs think that its wonderful. I have never seen two creatures, who loved to play in rain, that much. Since everyone gets goofy, when it rains, I'll leave for work, a bit earlier than usual. Traffic is bad enough, when its clear and dry.

One good thing, though: our new refrigerator gets delivered today. We had already shopped around and found the one that we want. The appliance guy was surprised to make such an easy sale. He said, "Can I help you?" and I said, "I want this refrigerator." Ten minutes later, we were outta there.

Mondays bite!
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Shell, I hope you get better soon.

Just got off my bike, rode 15 miles. May go to the gym this arvo , depending on if Jake comes home for lunch.

My right arm started getting sore and last night I came to the realisation - I have been playing Final Fantasy X-2 too much and when I don't play, I don't have a sore arm. So I am going to take a break for a little while (if I can bear to get away from the game!) It is very addictive and so hard to get away from.

I might work on my scrapbook instead.

It looks like it might rain here too, but the last weekend was so beautiful, I was able to have the windows open and have some lovely, fresh air in. The cats thanked me too.

Will do and and

Have a nice day!
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Happy Monday everyone!

Back to the grind, and hopefully the day goes fast. Too much to do at home and not enough time to do it.

Yesterday I spent a good part of the afternoon with the cutest puppy I think I have ever seen in my life! Hammish is a Miniature or German Spitz. He is just a roly-poly ball of fluff! I found a picture of the breed because he is simply too adorable for words.

Hammish looks similar to the pup on the left, the little black and white one. His owner brought him all the way back from Germany as a present for his wife. (He knew she had wanted a little lap dog, and he was just too cute!)

Shell, hope you get to feeling better today. Susan, I totally understand where you're coming from. I still have yet to figure out if we receptionists are supposed to hold a gun to our bosses heads to make them return phone calls or what. LOL Cindy, have fun cleaning up those dogs of yours after their day of romping in the mud! Kellye, sounds like you have quite a full day ahead of you, but I love those smilies you use.
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Aaaaaaaaaaaah!! Heidi, how cute are they!!

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Shell, hope you feel better soon ! Hub still has his cold or whatever it is, so he wasn't feeling too hot this morning either, and I had a 7:00 am appointment to have a crown cemented on. And its trying to rain here too. Think it would have been a good day to stay at home in bed with the kitties and my Steven King book that I have been reading since Christmas ! But, as I tell the kitties "Mommy and Daddy have to go to work, if we don't there won't be any money for kitty food, treats, heat/a/c or anything else" so.......hi ho hi ho, its off to work we go, la la la la,la la la la, la la, laa laa.
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Shell, I hope you feel better soon!

I'm on vacation this week, since I'm a teacher. So I got up, did yoga, took a shower, and have done some cleaning and laundry. Not a very exciting way to spend my vacation, but I feel so much better now that my house is clean.
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There must have been a full moon last night or something-Ivo was in a mood, too. This morning, while I was drying off after my shower she kept on scratching on the bathroom door and moaning piteously. I'd open the door and she'd bolt away with a "mreep". We did that several times. She also tried to help with breakfast this morning, and only gave up when I nearly kicked her.

Poor Ivo-her Uncle Brian came over last night to tell me he had put down a deposit on a home. I'm happy for him, but very sad to have my friend move away Plus, Ivo will lose her best friend. He's not moving until Oct. 1 and promised to come and visit us regularly.

Shell, hope you feel better and the cats don't cause you any more problems.
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Thanks everyone. I'm still feeling a little rough around the edges, but getting better. The cats have become little angels today....all that running around last night has made them want to sleep all day. Well, I've got news for them! I'm going to pester them just as much as they pestered me while I was sleeping. Maybe they'll decide to sleep tonight instead of play?

Anyhoo...I'm absolutely starving but scared to eat much. I've been drinking water & some really watered down tea. Hopefully this is just a 24 hour bug & it goes away soon. I just can't afford to be sick since it's my last week of training & I start my new assignment on next Monday.

Well..I'm off to rest & watch some cheesy TV shows like Judge Hatchett. Hope everyone's having a great Monday!
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well it's good to know you're feeling at least a little better Shell.

Today is day three of four and then I have my weekend. I put in for a stat a couple of weeks ago and still haven't found out if I got them or not. I need to know. My biological father is supposed to come down and visit me this time as he couldn't last weekend because his truck exploded on the way here and had to have it towed. But he's being a little pushy and I think he wants to stay here for two nights instead of one. Last time he stayed here it was the first time he spent the night and it was ok, except for the dinner, but honestly I couldn't wait for him to leave. I just needed some alone time - ya know? Now I'm like "Ya friday would be great" and he says "Yep, I'll be down Thursday/friday"
What am I supposed to think of that?

It gets me all stressed out thinking about it.

Anywho, another day at the picky, sweaty stinky hospital.
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I ran to Davenport with a friend today. She is remodeling her kitchen, living room and bathroom! Luckily she is a stay at home mom or she'd never get done.
Me now I am waiting for another friend to call so we can go shopping again(we do this EVERY Monday) then home for laundry duty and relaxing! I'm exhausted from working all this week! this is my only day off since my vacation! it sucks let me tell you!
Oh well, what are you going to do, like KittenKrazy said, it's off to work we go, to buy our kitties little treats and make sure they have yummy eats! la, la, la, lalala... hahahahahahahaha!
Shell, hope you feel better!
oh yeah, my kitties were quiet as Church mice last night! LOL!
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The last two days I've been working on a scrapbook. I'm doing my daughter's missionary scrapbook. She has sent me about 100 photos and I figured I better get started now before they get lost or misplaced! It's looking great, if I do say so myself!

Tomorrow is back to work for my 7 days on. I'm not ready. That week off just wasn't long enough.
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