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Baby is bullying "mom"

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Willow is a 2 year old longhair grey female, who is very territorial (we're thinking she has siamese in her, but she never meows. She never makes a sound at all, in fact, except for growls and snarls). We once brought home another female who was her age, and Willow chased her around the house and cornered her in a bedroom. We had to lure Willow out from under the bed with cream cheese, as it sounded like Willow was thinking of going for Pepper's throat. Pepper was rescued and sent back with my sister's friend.

Buffy is a 10 month old kitten who was recently spayed. Her momma and siblings all died when she was 4 weeks old, and Buffy was going to get put down the day after we met her for the first time. We decided to keep her and she turned out to be worth it. She's a major bundle of energy, full of laughs, and does whatever Willow doesn't. Like, say, meowing and cuddling with people. She can't be left alone in a room without humans. She'll wake up from her sleep, see that there's nobody in the room with her, and then she'll fly up the stairs, searching for me (the main person who rescued her and bottle fed her), or someone else.

When Willow met Buffy for the first time, she hissed something fierce. Buffy barely heard her since she was screaming and crying herself, being the hungry baby that she was. Willow had to be watched very closely when Buffy was in teh same room, but eventually Willow found out that Buffy wasn't going to hurt her. So they got closer and closer, and now they're the best of friends. Willow became a mother to Buffy, and still shows affection towards her (though if she really was her kitten, she'd have weaned her by now).

Buffy was spayed a few weeks ago, and suddenly she seems to have gained energy, not lose any like all our past cats have done when they were spayed or neutered. For the past week, Buffy has been taking great pleasure in bullying Willow. Willow will be grooming herself, and Buffy will come out of nowhere and do the batman leap (forelegs outstretched and sort of to the sides) and land on Willow's back. They'll play at first, or they're fighting, it's always so hard to tell. Anyway, Buffy will do her "I surrender" pose (belly towards Willow) and Willow will "let her go". Buffy will wander away, keeping an eye or ear on Willow at the same time. As soon as Willow thinks she has won, she starts grooming herself again. Buffy then flies at Willow again and then there's some more scrambling and thuds as bodies thump to the floor ("Karate chop!"). Soon, it's not playing anymore, as Willow is getting frustrated.

Soon, Willow is trying to reprimand Buffy, but it just isn't working. As soon as Willow has punished her, Buffy pretends that she's sorry, she'll go to another room now, Willow relaxes and turns away. Then Buffy is back to pouncing on Willow again. Even when Willow keeps her eyes on Buffy, Buffy will try to sneak around, but then Willow will fly at her, upset. If Buffy just won't leave her alone, Willow panicks and runs around the house, trying to escape the little terror (who is chasing her, by the way). Soon, Willow starts flopping over onto her side after reprimanding Buffy, exhausted, and Buffy is still leaping on her. Soon Willow is sitting, sleeping in that position. And yes, Buffy is slowly coming up behind her, convinced she's the greatest Hitler-wannabe ever.

This has happened for the past week, every single night, and it lasts for at least an hour. Willow is getting some exercise, which we aren't upset about, but we feel so bad for Willow. Should we be doing something to teach Buffy to stop, or should we let them work it out for themselves? Sorry this post was so long... (and thanks in advance!)
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Personally, I would leave them alone and settle it among themselves.
BTW, we had a cat behavior quizz a few months ago and most of us thought the "I surrender" position that you described was such but actually for a cat it is the opposite. It is the best way for it to show all its claws and put more damage on the attacker. So Willow by leaving is actually following her instinct to avoid getting her belly shredded.
Anyway, like a good foster mom, Willow will be able to put Buffy in her proper place in no time (unless of course she decides to relinquish her position as the alpha cat)
Good luck!
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cool, I didn't know that about the "surrender" thing. Makes sense... Thanks! I'll let Willow (aka. The Barbarian) take care of it, lol
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