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New member & new kitten intro (need help)

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Greetings to all!

My family adopted their first cat (for us, I've had several in the past) last year. His name is Striker, now 1 y.o. and neutered. This past weekend, we adopted our second, an 8 week old little female we've named Sassy.

The first 30 hours or so went pretty well. Striker seemed scared of Sassy at first, then we noticed Sassy was trying to nurse from him and he started to bathe her. They played back and forth with each other, batting, swiping, chasing, etc. However, at about 1:00 a.m. (EDT), Striker suddenly became very aggressive. He started to pursue Sassy everywhere she went, as if he were hunting her. When he caught her he would open his mouth around her neck or her back. Of course, Sassy cried and yowled, and my wife and I stepped in to comfort both parties several times.

Since Striker didn't seem ready to mend his behavior, we separated them for the night, each with food, water and litter, Striker remaining in the house "at large" since that's been his domain, and Sassy to our family room in the basement.

Is this appropriate behavior? Should we be concerned for Sassy's well-being? We didn't see any actual injuries and wondered if Sassy was "Crying wolf", but Striker seemed angry and relentless.

Thanks, in advance, for any and all help/opinions.
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Hi and welcome to the catsite Sounds to me like there is a bit of a territorial rights going on as well as just plain ol instincts to mate. He obviously knows she is a female and is grabbing at the back of her neck which is the SOP for mating rituals. Although he has been nutered, I've found that some of my males did the same thing (although a year is some time). EVEN TO MY OTHER MALES...but this too wears off in good time.

I would (personally) try to catch them and discourage this type of behaviour as quickly as possible in order not to ruin their future relationship. I'm sure Sassy is frightened. Sounds like you did the right thing by seperating them...if they were already playing and interacting so wonderfully and so quickly, I don't think this will persist. Have fun with your new baby..I thing Striker will fall in love with Sassy and all will be well

Love, Peace &
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Sassy is still very young right now. She was taken from mom a little too early, this is why she wants to nurse on Striker. It sounds like he has decided to show Sassy who is boss. Even though she is young, she is still a threat to him. I wouldn't be concerned with the mating just yet. She is still a neutral cat. Since she is so young, I would keep them seperated and give them time to adjust. Take one out and let the other explore the room they were in. You can also give supervised visits. If he attacks her, just clap and tell him no. Then you can try again. They have to sort out who is boss. Unfortunatley Sassy is really little. I would wait until she is at least 12 weeks before they are ever left unsupervised.
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