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Kitty in the rain.

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It's raning hard here in So Cal, and it's about 55-60 degrees out. I heard my cats at the patio door, and looked out and saw a kitty. The poor thing was all wet, and crying, I don't know where he came from, his fur was coarse, like it needed brushing, but not matted or knotted. He seems of average weight, a little thin over the ribs. No collar, and not neutered. I think he's probably about a year old or less. He's very friendly and let me pick him up right away. I gave him some food, but because my kitties aren't vaccinated, and are indoor only, I can't bring him inside. I made a little bed in my laundry room, so he can at least get warm and out of the rain. What should I do? How can I find out if this cat belongs to someone? Who leaves their cat outside in the rain? Do cats like to go out in the rain and get wet? (mine hate it).

I call him sylvester, because he looks like sylvester the cat.

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here's another pic. Lucy was sooo pisseed at me for giving him food, especially since she's on a diet.
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Here's the bed I made for him, the thing with the cord is a hot pad I put under the towel.
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Sang...from what you describe....doesn't sound like the cat is owned. Certainly I would get the cat fixed and UTD on shots regardless. If you need to find a low cost spay/neuter program...just do a search on Yahoo or Google for your area. Tomorrow is national spay day so perhaps this cat can benefit from a free or low cost neuter!

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Bravo to you for bringing this poor cat in from the rain. Also, you were smart to keep him segregated from your cats....just in case he has a contageous illness.

I agree with Katie that the first thing to do is to take him to the vet to be checked, vaccinated, and neutered. This way he will be safe (and nonaggressive) while you search for a home for him (or try to find his original home).

He sure is a beauty!
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looks just like my Mr.Poe-Poe, he also was found tside in a rain storm in Indy. We took him to the vet got him TNR and found him a home with friends, you might try to adopte him out to a good home or... check him at the vets for micrchips and of course disease and if he has a clean bill of health maybe keep him? I understand you already have cats but I would say at least try to find the little guy a home.
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HE IS SO CUTE!!!!!! We're a bit partial to Black and White kitties, but what a handsome boy!!!!!!!!!

You are a complete angel for bringing in this little fellow. Renae is, of course right. You were smart to keep him segregated - even if he has no contagious illness, odds on he has round worm or some parasite. We haven't had a feral or stray yet that didn't have some type of internal parasite.

I think his living arrangements look ideal!

There are two things you can do. You can assume he doesn't belong to someone, and try to find him a home. He seems pretty social if he's feral, but you just never know.

I'd get him to a vet ASAP, but that's me and we usually have the financial wherewithal to do something like that for cats we don't know and aren't necessarily going to keep. Or we just tell the vet (that we've been working with for a while) that we're going to have to make payments over time, and they're good with that.

If you want to try to find out if he's owned, you can either assume his family isn't responsible enough to have him back and thus try to find him a home anyway. Or you can post his picture around local pet supply stores, local vets, supermarkets, etc. Don't say whether or not he was neutered - if it really is his family, they'd know. Some little bit of info to help you determine whether or not he belongs to them.

OH! I guess there is something more you could do. You can search for local no-kill shelters and let them handle it all. There are searchable databases in the rescue section of www.savesamoa.org - just click on the link in my signature line.

You're a complete angel! Please let us know what happens! )

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Thanks for all the advice. , I looked outside today, and he was gone, probably out exploring, now that the rain has stopped. I've left fresh food and water on the patio for him and I'm gonna go wander around the complex tomorrow to see if I can find him. My roommate says that he wants to keep him (as an indoor cat)and has agreed to pay for the medical stuff I insist on. Shots, blood test, neuter. So now I just have to wait till I see him again. I'm gonna put up a small poster by the mailbox, just saying that i've found a male black and white cat. I don't really want someone to claim him, b/c he is so cute and I'm a bit peeved at the idea of any owner that would lock his kitty out in the rain, but I guess the ethical side of me says that if he has an owner, he must be missed somewhat. I figure a small poster and a free ad in the pennysaver or recycler will do.

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You are right. If the owner is looking for him them they will either post signs and ads as well or at least look to see if any one has posted saying they have found him. I am very glad that your roommate has agreed to get him UTD. Good luck and have fun with the new addition to the household.
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Good luck with the cat. By the way - my Dirt will go out whatever the weather, rain, hail or sunshine. He may look a bit bedraggled when he comes back but the rain is not something that Dirt avoids one little bit, he seems to enjoy it. Very odd
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Little cutie black cat come back to Sang's! You have a wonderful new home waiting for you - a life of luxury and love!

Sending "come back" vibes his way..... !!!

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