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Tell or don't tell???

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As we've reached cat #15 that's either been adopted-out or is ready for TNR, I am wondering how to deal with the released cats.

We've got a few people here that feed them, but we're in an apartment complex. I won't live here forever.

Should I put a sign up in the laundry room with pictures of the cats and names? Should I approach neighboring homeowners or Animal Control to tell them, "Don't trap these cats?"

I was thinking that pictures of the cats with names would give people in the complex a sense of ownership and understanding that I've taken responsibility for them, but I'm equally afraid some ***hole will get annoyed and try to screw with them.

We had an incident here last week of some kids firing pellet guns near where the cats stay. I went right up to them and chased them off. I have a premonition of going ballistic on someone that tries to hurt those cats.

What's the way to do this?
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Personally I would not call attention to these cats by approaching Animal Control. I would try and find someone besides yourself that would be willing to take on being the caretaker for this group, and still try and find homes for them if you can. Even if you just take one at a time and socialize that cat, the cat then becomes adoptable and people won't be scared to try-

I would put up fliers in vet offices, feedstores, with photos and pictures of the cats BUT not where they are located.

Good luck!
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A lot depends on what the legal status (if any) is, of homeless cats, in your local area.

I would suggest taking a more individual approach if you possibly can: contact your own neighbors or acquaintances you see in the parking lot, or people in the grocery store nearby, whatever. When you strike up a friendly conversation, steer it toward pets. You can gauge how they feel about cats and dogs this way, usually. If they are animal-friendly, ask them if you could enlist their support or help. THEN you can explain that you have set up a well managed colony of homeless cats, you're concerned for their longer-term care, and you're looking for help enlisting your successors (or even, other folks to help out while you STILL are living there)!

Share the info on the cats with these folks, first. If you as a group then choose to broaden the network, that is fine, but it's going to be more successful looking, if it's not just an individual who is presenting this. Heck, as a group, you MIGHT even test the waters with management there and see if they are interested in discussing a speuter clause in the leases, and supporting your project in the interest of the whole apartment community.

I understand your idea, and in principle, it is a wise one -- definitely, people who have clear ideas of who these cats are, are more likely to be concerned for the cats' wellbeing. But posting is just not likely to get that personal connection made, as much as a person talking to them on behalf of the cats, or that's been my experience.

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I think Hissy's got excellent ideas there. A vet tech in our vet's office is GREAT with animals and is fostering older feral cats so they can be adopted out. She ended up keeping the first one we brought her, LOL, but the idea is the same. Just keep working on whittling down the population.

But you never know how people will react to the cats, so I'd stick with MA's idea of finding help - but not putting up the info where you (and the cats) live.

And I would NOT call animal control!

BTW - congrats for all the great progress you've made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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