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My Shep Sandwich

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Here's my old girl Shep snuggling with her 2 buddies (Sam and Spike). She's always hated other cats, and is just so thrilled that the new puppies play a bit too hard and keep the other cats away.

I call this the "Shep Sandwich"......
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And yet another from the other angle. Shep was named from the George of the Jungle Cartoon. George's trusty elephant was called "faithful doggie Shep". I guess she thinks she is a dog! LOL
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That is so cute! Go Shep!!
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How adorable. Way to go Shep.
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Haha I had to double take on that pic, she's with puppies LOL that's the cutest pic!!!!

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that is just awesome.... Kitty and Doggies
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Awwwwww That's Awesome!
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that's so cool!
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That is brilliant!!!!.How cute do they all look.
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Oh, that IS lovely -- and then some! Sweet pics.
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That's a pic I'd love to see in Caption This!
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OMG , that is sooooo cute
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That is sooooooooooo sweet!!!.......And such a cool picture, its a frame for the wall
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That would make a great photo for the caption contest
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OMG! I just love that picture! How adorable!!
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OMG! That is too dang cute!

Shep doesn't need blankets to keep her warm!
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What an adorable sight! I guess she feels safe surrounded by the pups. Way to go shep! H-cat
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That is the cutest picture! Priceless!
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I sent this picture to the president of the Humane Society that I volunteer at. She's never met Shep, but loves her because she is the house "pariah". Anything that brings peace to pariahs is great in her book.

This was not a "fluke" picture. People have asked me how I got them to pose for it. Frankly, this picture could be taken any day of the week. They really do sleep in piles together.

She sent the picture out to all the rescue groups in the KC area, and posted the picture on the web site on the main page when you enter the site. Check it out! My babies are famous.
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LOL.That is too cute.
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