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Rolling Meadows debates solutions to cat problem

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Rolling Meadows debates solutions to cat problem
By Erin Holmes Daily Herald Staff Writer
Posted 2/18/04
Rolling Meadows officials will look further into a plan for an organized city trap, neuter and release program to help control a recurring feral cat problem.

The idea, pushed by Glenn Adams of the 5th Ward, would encourage volunteers to adopt colonies of cats - trapping them with city traps, getting them spayed or neutered and making sure they have food, water and a place to stay warm.

As part of the deal, Adams suggested the city could create a humane society, purchase five traps for about $250 and publicize the program through local cable or a city newsletter.

In addition, he said, the city could examine its policies and:

• Pass a resolution declaring Rolling Meadows a "no-kill" community, meaning stray cats captured wouldn't be killed.

• Revise city code to allow more than three pets per home for residents assisting with the program or acting as "foster parents" to stray animals.

• Establish a new ordinance requiring that even domestic pets be spayed or neutered.

Some residents already are adopting stray cats; the new plan simply would make it more organized, formal and widely available to volunteers.

Five of six aldermen who met Tuesday as a committee of the whole said they support getting more details on such a strategy - and possibly moving ahead.

Rudolf Balek of the 7th Ward was absent, and 2nd Ward Alderman Merton Staley said he'd rather "get rid" of the cats altogether, questioning if it's really humane to put a stray cat back into the wild after trapping it and taking it to a vet.

Among the other comments was 3rd Ward Larry Buske's concern that a rule demanding all pets be spayed or neutered might not fly, especially because some people breed their pets.

Still, Adams said he felt the council was largely supportive.

"I really commend you for addressing this," Sue Walton of the 1st Ward said. "This is an easy problem to sort of ignore."

Adams now will work with city staff to determine specifics. Aldermen likely will discuss the issue again as an informal committee before it hits the table for at a council meeting.

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At least the majority of the committee has a brain in their heads. We see so many places that are facing this problem in exactly the wrong way, it is very nice to see that perhaps the education about these misunderstood ferals is finally reaching people who can make a difference. Bravo to this community!
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