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Look at this HUGE cat!

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This cat is huge!.
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Only through the wonderful world of digital imaging and photoshop! Not real I say.
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Look at the bigger version of the picture. This cat is REAL! Go to the link that is in the first post! It is a Maine Coon for sure!
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Tasha, oops shouldn't link.

That cats gorgeous and VERY real.
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omg that cat is bigger than some children!
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LOL, I guess that cat has definitely been fed very well, or else it's received the 'growth vitamins' in it's diet! :P
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What a fab cat! Same size as a small child
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OMG!!!! Imagine that gorgeous fur ball stretched out asleep on you!!. Yes please!
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HOLY BUCKETS!!!!! .....What do you feed that cat puppy chow? I've never seen a cat that size......
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Had to give you 5 stars, really amazing....
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It's fake.this was on snoopes
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The Cat is 100% REAL! He is a Maine Coon and his name is Riley. Here are two other photo's for verification. Oh, and chelle, did you not see at the top of the page where it says status? It says true. There are MANY Maine Coons that are this size. I have seen many in cat shows that are bigger then Riley.

Now how can you deny that he's real? He is just a big, huggable, lovable boy!
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How could you afford to feed it. You'd have to get a second job just to keep it fed!

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He's enormous. We saw a cat at Christmas that was about that size. I saw him out of the corner of my eye and mistook him for a cocker spaniel - then my husband said,"OMG, look at that cat!" The owner said he was a Siberian.
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cocker spaniel!!!

imagine when he gets startled and all his hair poofs out!!!?! wow, he'd look like a lynx or something
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There is a lot of fur there that makes this cat look bigger. However, my male Pixie Bob is 21 pounds and one of my female Pixie Bobs is 14 pounds. Then there is Amber, who will be 30-40 pounds
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