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Sex and the City: The Finale

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Ok, who watched? I laughed; I cried. It all turned out exactly as I hoped it would. I especially enjoyed the sense of closure for the characters besides Carrie. They all grew in some way, and I think Miranda touched me the most. I will really miss this show.

And thanks to Colby for getting me hooked to begin with.
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Oh, I definitely watched. I laughed and cried too. I agree with you about Miranda - she has shown so much growth. I can't believe Big's name is John!!
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AHHH! It's over Imma cry....I made me a Cosmo and ate some double fudge ice cream lol Imma miss this show it ended perfectly I think Samantha's ending was my favorite...
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I loved the last show! I wish it would never end! I'm so addicted that I get all the seasons when they come out so I have them to watch over and over! It's my favorite show!
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I thought that Ken and I would have a major fight just so I could watch it.

It was fabo I am happy with the way it ended and it gives just a hint of maybe a possiable movie? Who knows that would be great! I think my favorite was Carrie and Charlote. I am going to miss the girls that is for sure. I will have to buy the set so I can get a fix when ever I want it.
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