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going back home

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I just moved down the street and the cat keeps going back to the old address (crossing a busy street!). Does anyone have any "tricks" (apart for keeping her indoors), that I could use to break her of this habit?
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Dear Legreg :angel2:

I'm very sorry to say that I don't know what to tell you. However; I hope that you don't mind that I share something that I had to live through and was terrible. I too lived on a busy street. My cat Toes would never cross it...I figured she was scared. Well, my baby wound up missing. No one told me, but she was struck by a car and killed. My baby...my love...how could I be so naive. I live in a very small community now, my cats are still indoor/oudoor cats. I lived here for fifteen years without any problems with my cats and I attribute that to my neighbors being very careful, most of them are senior citizens, and they also know that I own many cats Just something to share with you. I don't judge you. You will have to live with the consequenses if something happens...I'm just trying to forewarn you. I pray this gets resolved.

Love, Peace &
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