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PRINCESS CAME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! I opened the back door to let Chance (my moms dog) inside and I hear this noise "eeew eeew eeew" as some of you know, that is Princess's meow, I walked out with a flashlight and she was on the roof crying!!! I got her down and carried her inside, she looks nice and healthy and well fed! I am sooo glad she is back, I was scared she was gone forever! Thank you everyone who kept us in your thoughts. Toby, our German Sheperd is the happiest dog on earth now, I can tell those two really missed each other!
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Glad to know Princess is back!
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Meagan I am SO happy for you!!!! Princess must have gotten all of those "Come home, Mommy misses you" vibes.

Now Princess, you can't go on long adventures like that! You scare your Mommy and lots of other people a lot when you do that!
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Yes, she is now getting a stretchy collar that she can't easily take off, right now she is sleeping happily. I swear someone gave her a bath because she loves getting her white paws dirty and they are perfectly clean, and we have been having storms!
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WOOHOO!! Princess has returned home
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Princess--Daisy and Perky said to tell you to
stay where you can get all those good treats
and a nice warm bed! Meow Meow Meow
owners of persia:daisy:
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I'm glad Princess came back!
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Oh, so glad Princess is back! Princess, dear, you mustn't do that to Mum! No galivanting around the neighbourhood, now, unless you send Mum a postcard to let her know you're OK (yeah, sure!)
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I also had a cat that got outside and was found on the roof. Steven had to climb out a window and rescue her because she could not get down herself. Maybe her feet got cleaned off from the rain storms while she was on the roof.
Glad to hear Princess is home safe
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YAY!!! Princess is home where she belongs.
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She's so gorgeous. I'm so glad she has returned.

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Oh i'm so pleased she's turned up again. The relief you must have felt.

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Absolutely thrilled Princess is home. I wonder if some nice kind soul had been feeding her thinking she was an lost cat?
Now you can change the line under your posts to 'Princess Home'
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That's terrific news - I'm really glad she came back!
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This is great news. You must feel so relieved!
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Wonderful news! I am so happy for you!
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