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WOOHOO! What Deals!!

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Happy Tax Refund to Me!!

We got some GREAT deals today and I just had to share. First, we had to go get some computer fan this morning and while wandering around and found a lighted screwdriver set for $6, and a mini optical mouse for our laptop for $7! (The cheapest optical mouse I have seen was at least $15).

Then, the kicker. Earl was looking through the ads and found a refurbished all-in-one printer for $150. Well, it was already after 5:00, didn't hold out much hope that they would find one since that printer usually runs $270. We go anyway, and just when we were getting ready to just claim our rainchecked external floppy drive for our laptop (Regularly $40, we got it for $10), the manager comes up and says "This is your lucky day!" They had been holding the next model up, new not-refurbished model for 10 minutes for someone who didn't show up. They gave us the LAST one they had for the sale price. So we got a $300 printer for $150!

Now THAT'S bargain shopping!
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With that kind of luck, you should have bought a lotto ticket!
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WOW!!! That is awesome! Send some of that luck this way!
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What a great bargain! You're so lucky!<<applause>>
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Don't you just LOVE bargains? I went for a haircut, today and the little clothing store, next door, is going out of business. They've always had good prices but this was too good.

I bought 4 summer outfits, for the twins, at $4.10 each and two tops, for myself at $10 and $12. The more expensive one is leopard-print and I have the perfect pair of pants, to go with it! I'm glad that they decided to go out of business, during a payday week.
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Great deals all round guys! Woohoo!

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Thats a bargain and a half you got there Heidi!, well done you.

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