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Blossom and others

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Dear Blossom:

One of my cats' names was Blossom. Got her from Animal Control
when one of mine was missing. Went home, missing animal behind
door. When I found Blossom at A/C, her face was bleeding,
she was an infant, was in a room alone and crying with no water
or food. I don't care if they are busy. You don't do that to
a baby that is in that condition. Said kitten should be a priority.

Needless to say, she came home with me two weeks later when she wasn't claimed and no one wanted her or her problems.

Thank for for your loved one's quote. That is exactly how I feel.
My love for them is what ultimately caused their deaths. How does
one deal with that?

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Anita, this post was obviously intended to be a reply to an existing thread. You must have accidentally pressed "New Thread" instead of "Post Reply." If you know the name of thread you intended to post to, one of the moderators will be happy to merge this post/thread into it so others can respond and the poster to whom you were communicating can see you responded.

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Thank you for telling me about you Blossom kitty. I feel so emotional, I don't even know how to put it into words. I know it took a lot to post that. How heartbreaking. It only shows how deeply you loved your cats and how wrong and tragic what happened to you was. (((HUGS))) Same for my aunt, Linda and everyone else. Life is precious and irreplaceable. Life is not disposable. I wish everyone could see that.
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