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Does anyone have experience with Yesterday's News cat litter? I think it a newspaper product.

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I am pretty sure we had that, it is little black pellets, if I am thinking about the right one. I personally didn't like it. It was hard to scoop and I felt like I was wasting a lot since it doesn't clump. I like clumping litter since we have a multi-cat house. Everyone is different though!
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We use Yesterday's News for our 3 ferrets. I like it for them since it is pretty much dustless (dusty cat litter is bad for them) Although it is flushable in small amounts, cleanup (in my opinion) is easier for the clay litter than with yesterdays news, especially for the cats. But if you are looking for a dust-free litter and don't mind a difference in style/cleanup (the pellets are a change from clay/clumping litter) then Yesterdays News is a good idea. It is also usually fairly inexpensive.
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