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Cats and Dogs

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We just adopted an 8mth old male Abyssinian on Thursday(4 days ago).

We left him in a bedroom the first day and he growled and hissed at the door. We then put up a baby gate so he could atleast see what was making the strange dog noises. Well, he jumped over it and came face to face with the resident dog. She is a 10year old lab and a very gentle creature. I know we have a long way to go before they are friends, but it kind of makes me sad to see what he is doing to our dog. I feed the cat first and then the dog, but whenever she wants a drink of water he runs in front of her and hisses at her. We put him in the bedroom and he digs at the carpeting. I know that he is just trying to be the dominant creature, but how long will this last and what is the correct way to handle it?
Our lab is so docile and it is sad that she allows him to bully her.
I'm having a difficult time bonding with him when he growls and hisses at our baby....

Thank you
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Kana..here is a great article:


Good Luck

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