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Daily Vomiting with my cat, please help!!!

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Hi, I have a kitten called an exotic. His name is Rocky. Rocky has had any problems since I took him home. I have 2 other cats in my home as well. For the past few months, he has been vomiting between once and three times a day. We have a vet who come to our home. She has been helpful. She says that he has ring worm and a urinary tract infection. She prescibed two medications to cure it, but Rocky has been vomiting everyday (just like he has for the last 3 mos), since I have been giving him the meds. I started the meds about 4 days ago. I just want to solve the vomiting problem and see if anyone out there can recommend anything? We feed them lamb and rice food from Iams.
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I would do several things, as you already have had a vet (who makes house calls!)

I would slowly switch him over to canned food for awhile, and I would make the canned food a brothy type, using either warm water, or cooked (and cooled chicken broth) to make the gruel. I would also introduce him slowly to canned pumpkin in this guel. Or slowly add plain yogurt with active cultures to his food.

I would also either elevate his food bowl, or buy an elevated feeder. Cats are gulpers, and elevating their food bowl forces them to slow down the amount of food they are consuming and relax their throat.

I would give him a nice planter of cat grass to chew, if he has stomach upset he will eat the grass prior to eating his meals and feel better.

And I would take a fecal in and check him for worms (if he hasn't been checked already)

If he continues to vomit you want to take him to a cat specialist and have tests run. Cats that vomit regularly are in danger of becoming either anemic or dehydrated.

You can check his hydration, by lightly pinching the scruff of his neck and holding for just a few seconds, then release, watch and see if the scruff goes back down in under 3 seconds and looks normal, if it doesn't he is dehydrated and needs subcu liquids quickly! You can also check the coloration of this gums. If they are pink and happy he is okay, if you press on them, and see a small imprint of a pale pink and then it goes back to normal colors he is fine. If it stays white, or you notice his gums are pale or streaked with white get him to a vet!

Also think about investing in a Drinkwell water fountain for him to encourage him to drink more water.
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