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Showin off?

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Do your pets show off, for company?

Yesterday, Bill's sisters and BIL brought his birthday present and lunch for us. Rowdy immediately went into "cute kitty" mode: diving into purses, rubbing against ankles, rolling around the floor and flirting.

Buddy wandered from person to person, sticking his head under any convenient hand and squeaking. Even Opie staged a royal progress through the family room, allowing the extended family to admire him.

The most outrageous, by far, were the dogs. Joan, Butch and I went out to the patio for a smoke and both dogs went crazy for Joan. Pearl did her darnedest to squirm onto Joan's lap and thoroughly lathered her face. Ike was trying to get into the love fest but Pearl kept maneuvering, to keep him away. Joan was trying to pet both dogs but Pearl was determined to get all of the attention. I finally distracted Pearl, with a tennis ball, so that Ike could get equal time.

Once we were back in the house, Pearl brought all of her toys to the back door, to show them off and try entice everone back outside. Bill told Joan that it was "Free Dog Day" - take all that you want. As if HE would willingly part with a pet. When they left, Joan's previously black sweatshirt was hairy black-and-tan.

It was a rather entertaining day, with the whole crew putting on quite a show, for company.
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Oh yeah we have the same thing going on around here when company comes. Oscar just loves on everyone and The Sammycat will try his best to be aloof but then he realizes that this is not getting him any rubs

The dogs all have their little unique thing for attention. Nemo has his little Helllooooooooo howl thing and Ceasar well he is determined that he will sit in your lap and mooch food from you. Nakita on the other hand is really shy and will observe from a distance. She must have been really abused before I got her
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Fred thinks anyone that comes here is here to see him. He is very bold about jumping into a lap, rubbing noses, and settling in to be petted. The others usually hide.
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Originally posted by katl8e
Rowdy immediately went into "cute kitty" mode: diving into purses, rubbing against ankles, rolling around the floor and flirting.
That's soooo cute!!! Snowball always does those very same things whenever we have company.
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Originally posted by katl8e
Rowdy immediately went into "cute kitty" mode: diving into purses, rubbing against ankles, rolling around the floor and flirting.
That sounds just like Jamie, provided he knows the company. If not, he hides and peers out at them very surreptitiously. I think the animals believe guests come to visit them!
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I know that Pearl thinks that everybody comes to play with her.
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Roo totally dominates the company when they come over, especially my friend from upstairs (I think it might be because she's a new mom and I think the cats sense this) comes over. As soon as she sits on the leather couch, he's all over her. It's so funny. He won't do that with me or Darrell. The other cats watch from a distance or make short visits.
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Whenever we have company.... Patches comes around meowing and wanting a scritch if she knows the person if she doesn't know our company. She just observes from a safe distance.... Tiger just runs and hides under the covers.
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Most of our cats get scared if anyone comes over. Although when our bathtub backed up we had a plumber come over and Neko sat in the doorway making sure this guy was doing the right thing, and then he followed him wherever he went. He even stayed there when they had the snake go down and when it made all that noise! And guess what was backing up the bathtub???? A cap from a water bottle, which was Neko's favorite toy, needless to say the shower doors stay closed and he isn't allowed to play with those anymore...
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LOL I think Neko was waiting for the plumber to give him back his bottle cap! HE knew where it was.

When company comes over, you won't see a little white fuzzy Ophelia butt anywhere around. Not even a flash. Trent is very suspicious for a while, but eventually comes out to see if you are OK. But he's not too keen on getting a lot of pets from new people.
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One thing I've always found funny about cats is that they "target" people who are afraid of them. My father-in-law has a real dog and cat phobia, and every pet we've had hasn't let him alone. JC goes so far as to sit on his head. We tell my FIL to stare at him, or to at least make eye contact, but he's too afraid to do it, so JC amuses himself by untying his shoelaces, knocking his hat off, "combing" his hair, etc.. My FIL sits there frozen, which only encourages JC to be more audacious. He stalks my brother-in-law's wife, too, who is also terrified of cats. The two of them apparently make perfect victims, because otherwise JC is a "scaredy cat", who disappears as soon as the doorbell rings.
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Once Rosie gets to know someone she always hangs around them, especially my next door neighbour!. When Matt comes in she's straight to him, jumps and lies on his lap, then thinks his legs are a scratching post!!!!
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