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What's the Best Way to Roadtrip with Cats??

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Any suggestions on ways to outfit/configure an SUV for a long roadtrip with two cats?

Initially, I was thinking of purchasing a large wire mesh dog crate and loading both of the "happy travelers" in it. I'd pull one (or both) of the rear seats to make room for the crate.

Another thought was to pull both rear seats and just let the cats loose to make themselves "comfortable". This configuration would allow plenty of room for their favorite beds, blankets, boxes, etc. in the back. Since, the back of my SUV (Honda Element) is accessible without opening any doors - I could then transfer the cats to their carriers or attach a leash during stops or carrying them into a motel.
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Both ideas are okay. I drove from CA to CT a few years ago and used the large dog crate. I put a small litter box in the rear of the kennel, and used the clamp on food and water bowls. The reason I chose to use the kennel is safety. I was worried that if god forbid we had a car accident, they wouldn't be safe.
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This is very interesting. I used to think that I'd travel with my cats until I got them. They absolutely hate the car and it's a trauma, for us both, to even go the few blocks to the vet. I'd like to travel with them but cannot imagine it now. Maybe I should take them around the block and branch out from there. Your ideas are good and are giving me ideas. I think it'd be terrible for us all, however. Any opinions and experience?
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This is a subject that I'm an authority on since I travel with a cat cross-country in my tractor/trailer, my two "road cats" have almost 200,000 miles under their collars, so we get around.

You must first determine how your cat rides in the car. Do they like it or not. If so, Let them roam but keep a spray bottle of water to tell them where it's "off limits". My cats like to lay near the heaters vents right under the pedals, if I ever hae to hit the clutch or brake, it could hurt them. After a while, they learn that this is someplace that they shouldn't be. If they don't like the car, a large carrier would probably be best with a litter box inside of it.

I also keep a stainless steel feeding bowl that I got at Petsmart that is weighted at the bottom to prevent tipping and I also have a very wide candle dish that I keep their fresh water in about 1/3 full. Since dust and cat hair collect in the cabin, I change the water about 2-3 times per day.
Also, and this is very important, while in transit, always give them bottled water that you bought, never give them tap water from anywhere you're visiting.
The reason why is, what if there is a "boil water" order from the local government because of some problem with the public water system? Unless you follow the local news of every locality that you're going to be traveling through, you'd have no way of knowing this.
Many years ago, I was in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and wasn't aware that raw sewage had been dumped into the public water system. I wasn't aware of this until I checked into a motel and they gave me three bottles of water. Had I drank it, I'd have gotten sick.
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When we moved, we had to take Dante on an airplane (as carry on luggage) and then on a 6 hour car ride! He was NOT happy. On the plane we had no option - he had to stay in this itty bitty carrying case that would fit under the seat. The vet told us to buy over the counter bennadryl to give to him to make him groggy. He weighed 12 lbs then and we were told to give him 1/2 a pill. It did not work at ALL but perhaps it might on your pet. the vet said it was totally safe and could not hurt him if we accidently gave him too much.

In the car, we just let him wander around. HE whined and threw a fit when he was in the cage, so we let him out and he ended up sleeping on my boyfriend's lap most of the way. but if you are making the trip solo, I would not let them out. My boyfriend had to keep an eye out to make sure Dante didn't get near me driving or near my feet - had he not been there Dante would have had to remain in the cage. Giving him the Benadryl to calm him and make him sleepy would have been helpful (if it worked!)

Good luck!
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We have found a solution for this, at least for us. Since we might be moving to CO from CA, I started researching how in the heck I would get all these cats, plus two large dogs, to colorado in just one trip. Flying them was not an option, I just don't trust it, and then I fell upon this website, it will be costly (roughly $3000 for us), but I know they will be safe and in good hands, plus they have an on board refrigerator in case any animals are on medicine, and they need it given to them. In your case your would probably prefer to take the 2 yourself, just posting this here because I know there are many multi-cat households! Have fun!
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