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Obsessive pawing at window???

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Tiki just started this behavior in the last few days where she goes to the bedroom window and paws at it as though she's running up the glass. She'll do it for 5-10 minutes until we interrupt her.

Has anyone seen this in their cats?

It's almost like an obsessive-compulsive behavior. There's nothing on the other side (other than some dirt specks).

We have a large glass-sliding door, but she doesn't do it there or on any other windows. She has access to her litter box, as well as various scratching posts, so it doesn't seem to have anything to do with those things, either.

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My cat Buddy does the same thing every once in a while, seems to go in spurts, only he goes for the livingroom walls usually near a corner and behind a chair or something. I thought at first that he just didn't like my selection of wallpaper! But his eyes glaze over and he seems to go into a trance. He's a rescued kitty so I was thinking maybe sometime in his past he was trapped and is getting flashbacks when he gets between a chair and the wall. But, maybe that's not it. He too has and uses his scratching posts, but this is different, more of a fevered digging, only vertical. I'll be interested in what others have to say.
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I have another cat who tries to "bury" his food - but this is a different type of behavior. It's more of a running motion.
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Scott I wouldn't be surprised if there was a cat outside that has been spraying either the walls of your home, or the bushes and working Tikki up to this activity.

One thing you can try to break this, is to get a few of those colorful glueless decals that just stick on your window- and put them there where she does it, to break up the view outside and see if that works.
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My Onyx paws at the window when ever he sees a cat outside, he always lets me know if one of our outdoor cats wants in. He also used to ALWAYS wipe his paws on the wall, floor, anything he could find after he uses the litterbox. My other cat Mia always used to cover up her food by pulling anything she could find over to it and put on top. (this was a problem when she gave birth and tried to bury 2 of the kittens)
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Sam sits at my dining room window and digs like crazy. The window faces to the alley and there was a huge old tom cat sitting out there. Ive seen the neighbors cat digging at their windows when the cat is around also. Of course this cat has sprayed all over outside, I cant wait till summer to see if the smell drifts into the house--ack.
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Don't cats have scent glands in their paws? So whenever they're pawing at something, their releasing their scent? I remeber reading that somewhere.

Coco and Pumpkin paw at different things all the time.
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Ive read that too. Also I read that when a cat is pawing you they are marking you with their scent.
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Originally posted by Abby7625
Ive read that too. Also I read that when a cat is pawing you they are marking you with their scent.
Just more proof that cats own their humans
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My Newman also does this ,also will do this in the bathtub....who knows why cats do what they do....... strange little creatures they are....
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