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How sad!
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Spot is having fun at Rainbow Bridge now....RIP Spot
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She certainly didn't look like she was 15. RIP Spot.
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Spot may you RIP
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RIP Spot, sweetie. You were a good friend and will never be forgotten by those who had the pleasure of knowing you.
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Spotty had a good life, with much love and every good thing, that a dog can get. I'll bet that Barney will miss her, too.

It seems fitting, that Spot was born in the White House and she died there, too. I'm sure that she's romping with Millie, Buddy, Fala and all of the other previous White House pets.
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Most of you are aware that I'm not a Bush fan, but I have to say that the one thing I've really found endearing about him is his love for animals. "Spot" was just on our Friday night news broadcast, accompanying Bush in the Oval Office, and I really sympathize with him over her loss. Anybody who can love a dog that much can't be all bad, so my sympathies to the Bush family.
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It is always a sad thing when a beloved pet dies. It doesn't matter whether the owner is the most powerful person in the world or the most humble beggar.
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What a gorgeous dog. It's so sad she's gone.
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