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I quess I won´t be here much for a while

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I still have my sisters laptop, but she needs it back tomorrow It´s been great to have been able to visit TCS even though my laptop is ill, I was so glad she let me have hers.

But once I´ll bring this one back, I don´t know when I´ll be back, since it looks like it will cost about 1000 dollars to fix mine, and that is about 1000 dollars more than I can afford

I will try to check in sometimes at my sister or parents, at least to let you know news about Pollýanna, either here or in her thread in Health and Nutrition.

I know I´ll miss you terribly!

In case you´re interrested, this is my email: kisamin@mi.is
My s/o will be able to check that for me at work, if I won´t be able to get to a computer for a long time.

Boy, I can´t imagine life without a computer, I guess I will have to start cleaning my home or do some cross stitching or something...
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Pollyanna,I am sending you good luck vibes for a new laptop so you can come back in no time!
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Pollyanna, you will be missed around here!
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I'll be missing you and your kitties. Hope you can permanently hurry back soon and in the mean-while, come visit us often!
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EEP! that much! Whoo! I'm so sorry, I send you some get the computer fixed soon vibes! You can't go, not with Pollyanna in limbo! Now how in the heck will I know when she's well???
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I'll miss ya Hon! Hurry back!
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I'll miss you bunches Sesselja!!! And I'll keep thinking of Pollyanna, and hope that they find out what is going on and be able to fix it very soon! (Same goes for your computer!)
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I put an update on Pollýanna in the Daily Thread yesterday, but afterwards I regretted it since it was a bit to graphic

She is worse today, I´m gonna phone the vet in a few minutes.

I´m gonna copy what I wrote in the daily thread yesterday to her thread in Health and Nutrition, so it´s in the right place.

I find it so sad and difficult, not to have a computer now, with Pollýanna so ill, since you all here are my best support group
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Sesselja, where I live some of the office supply stores have equipment that people can rent by the week or month. If they do this in your country also, maybe you could rent a computer for a while?
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That´s a great idea Lorie! I´ll check that
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Is it worthwhile getting your laptop fixed at that price? You might be able to get a functioning used one for half that price. You could also keep in touch via Internet cafés, if you really need advice about Pollyanna. Do you have a fax machine? I'll PM my fax number, and then you can fax me any questions you want posted, and I'll fax the replies.
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Pollýanna, I don't know what are prices for computers in Iceland, but the truth is that a new laptop can be found for a $1,000. Try searching new laptops, as if you can find a good one for that price, then it may not be worth it to repair a creaky old one.
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Oh Sesselja, we're going to miss you. Hope you get your laptop fixed soon. You and Pollyanna are in my thoughts.
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Hope your not gone too long, and i hope Pollyanna gets better soon/

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