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OMG we were so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rich and I wear talking in my office and I heard a bang! We both jumped up and went to see what it was, at first we didn't see anything but the second time we checked on of the windows in the sun room (the room the cats LOVE) had fallen in!!!!!!! They are old fashioned windows that you take the whole thing out to open them. Our screen are out because we were cleaning them. OMG if that would have happened when we weren't home all the cats could have gone out the front of the house That is such a scary thought! I'm so freaked out, I always worry about a window getting broken and them getting out. I put all new collars on them today and ordered new tags, I know snowwhite and ashton would be okay but the rest them have never been outside around here. It is just so scary! I SO happy the bang scared them out of the room and we got it closed up!
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Wow that is lucky! Good thing you were home!
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Wow, I can understand you are in shock! It´s so good everything went well, you were indeed so lucky!
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Glad you were home and the cats ran in the right direction. Hope you replace those windows soon!
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Oh my! That is very scary, I would have been badley shakened if that had happend to me and my 4! Glad that the cats were okay and didn't escape!
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Yikes! I'm glad no kitties or people were hurt by falling windows!
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Man that would totally freak me out!!!!!!!! Thank god you were home!
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oh my! Thank God you were home.
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Thank God that the noise of the window scared them out of the room and that you were home. I would have been a basket case
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Whew, I'm so glad you were there! My neighbor had 4 cats inside and they pressed the screen out while she was gone! A few of us saw this because it was in the front, and we put the screen back up. But 2 of the cats had gotten out! One went under the shed and one went up a tree! When she got home she had to call the fire dept. to get her down. I had seen that on TV but not in real life before!
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Before I had cats, I was going out with a friend that was taking care
of her sister's cats. We were getting ready to leave when she
said she had to count the cats. She couldn't find one and I
tried to persuade her that it was o.k., it was probably just hiding
out. She refused to leave until she found it. Lo and behold,
she opened the refrigerator and out jumped the cat. Since I am
now a cat person, this is my major fear of leaving house. I
always check the :censor::censor::censor::censor: to be sure a cat didn't jump in when my
mind was elsewhere!!! That was really scary!

Twice I came home to a flooded house when cats accidentally hit
the handle of the water faucet in the kitchen and it ran all day. Now
I turn water off under the sink. Avoid those one handled jobbers
that sit in the middle. Use the two handled ones. Not only that,
the one handled ones leak after a while.
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I always worry about the fridge, some of my monsters do jump in there! The windows are so pretty and they let alot of light in, I think what happened was the cats have been playing with the things you turn to open then and when got a few strong winds yesterday and it pushed it in! I'm very thankful that no one was laying by the window and it didn't break! Rich is going to build something to make sure that doesn't happen again, and we are going to be extra strong screens for the outside! I don't want any one escaping.
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You know how cats are so playful. One day I was cleaning the
windows on the outside and I happened to see motion on the inside.
I looked and my cat was swinging by the neck by the pull strings
from the drapes. I dropped everything and ran inside and was
in time to save him. He was fine but after that I cut every
drape string and blind string because they think they are lots of
fun to play with.
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Lucky you were home and nothing bad happened. As usual, this reminds me of another window story at my place......

Beware of very old or cheap windows!!! Many years ago, was falling asleep about 11PM and heard a couple of cats running around. Bogart (a youngster at the time) was chasing Samantha (now over the bridge) down the hallway, into the bathroom with a long narrow window with a very low sill. Samantha jumped on the window ledge and didn't stop in time before she hit the window. It broke, she turned to push off the window and the glass cut thru her back legs to the bone (Bogart was unhurt). We followed the trail of blood from the window sill to our waterbed and eventually coaxed her out with food (we were about to drain and dismantle the bed had she not come out). Could see the bones in her back legs so called the emergency vet. Since she was barely bleeding (hurrah), the vet said to bring her in in the morning. So into a large crate she went and we watched her all night for bleeding. They had to reconstruct most of the ligaments in her back legs and she never did walk right after that. Sammy at the time was a 2-1/2 year old feral cat 6 months into socialization and this did set her back quite a bit (poor baby!).

We found out that all of the windows in the house were very cheap and ended up replacing all of them. You don't want to go thru this!!
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Val that was so lucky you were home. Glad the cats are okay!
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That would freak me out also.

I have this fear, although my house is alarmed, the thought of someone gaining entry with Rosie there on her own!. She'd be terrified.
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ohh man, I know what ya would freak me out if my kitties got out and ran off...Rocky and Fluffers would be alright but our 2 new babies, they would probably run like lightening....
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Val, you are SO lucky you were home, you aren't kidding! We haven't had any problems like that (they're not allowed on the kitchen counter and pretty much obey that so we don't have to worry about the water, thank god!) - but we did have a picture hanging that got knocked down when one of the cats banged into a shelf that knocked into it. They bolted, but we had a lot of glass to clean up. I was absolutely terrified one of them would get a small sliver! Needless to say, we removed the shelf and put the picture in storage. There's cat trees over in that area now, LOL!

Val, I'm so glad you and the kitties are all OK!
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