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I'm glad you're taking him to another doctor. It sounds like something emotional or psychological going on. Poor kid. Especially because he doesn't do it at school and it's kind of an infrequent thing. Keep us posted.
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I have heard many times that a lot of boys take longer to be fully trained. I have 2 girls and they were each different. My first was very easy and once she was trained there were no accidents. My second would wet the bed many nights until the age of 8 or so and a homeopathic remedy put an end to that, which was only given a 50/50 chance of helping.
I havent even begun to try to get them potty trained at night. They both wear pull-ups to bed and take them off immediately when they wake up. I tried letting him wear them during the day for the sake of laundry, which is when I was slammed with the previously posted comment about their non-leaking ability. One of my cousins still wets his bed and he is going on 12. I figure as long as he is struggling with the daytime pottying, trying to get nights taken care of as well would only add stress and probably make the problem worse rather than better.

I will keep you all posted and again thank you
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Sorry about my post on your relationship status with his father. I guess I missed a page when I was reading through the posts and didn't see that it had been mentioned before.
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No big deal RBG, Ive written so much I have to go back and look myself sometimes to see if Im saying the same Ive said already
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Okay, we went to the doctor and they gave me an paper on the same thing as the article I had printed out. The doctor sent us for xrays of his abdomen too just to make sure he didnt have a major blockage that couldnt be passed. I got the results today and everything with the xrays are fine. I am to start him on Miralax this weekend (they wanted to wait until he was out of school for the weekend to make sure he wouldnt have any problems with it). This is a powder that is mixed with whatever drink, its colorless and tasteless. This goes for 2 weeks, with a check up at the doctor next wednesday. I was told that once his colon is cleaned out it will shrink back to normal size in a matter of days and he will get more of a feeling to go to the bathroom. Its important that he does not hold it or he can become constipated again and we would have to start all over at the beginning. (I am assuming we are re-potty training him in a sense) I was also told this is a touch and go situation, but with persistence and patients, both of which I have tons of, it will go well.
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I'm so glad things are looking up for you and the little guy. Did they give you a name for what was wrong? Was it megacolon? Please keep us posted on his progress, I'm thinking of him and sending 'good toilet' vibes.
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Encopresis..is the same thing as on the link Deb posted. Thank you for the good toilet vibes!!

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I am glad the doctor was pro-active this time around. I haven't been to this thread all week, but I was thinking that perhaps the fact that he isn't going at all during school is a contributing factor. He could very well be constipating himself. So nice to hear the doctor agreeing with "my" diagnosis!
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I am so glad you got some answers, and can see light at the end of the tunnel.

I have a daycare child who takes Maralax...its powerful stuff!! But it does work when the dosage is right.
Good luck, I hope it all gets better!
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