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Hi! My name is Persia. I am owned by 2 very sweet
kittie girls. They are: Perky which is 10 and a
Siamese/Persian mix and Daisy which is 11 and a
black and gray striped tabby. I will post pics when I get some really good ones(they're camera scared!) I'm looking forward to posting
and learning a lot.---Persia

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Welcome to the Cat Site, we are looking forward to seeing pictures when you can get them!!
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Welcome to The Cat Site!!!

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Hello Persia, Perky and Daisy!
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Welcome to the site! If you want to learn about cats, you have definitely found a great place to do it! Very friendly people and very willing to help with any questions you may have.
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Welcome to TCS to all of you.
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Welcome! We wait patiently for pictures.....
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Welcome to the cat site all of you
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Thanks so much for welcoming all 3 of us to this wonderful site!!!
I can see right now that the people here are VERY friendly and from
reading the posts, everyone's a true cat lover!---persia
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Hi Persia, welcome to the site, and your babies also.

Looking forward to seeing them both.
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Welcome to TCS! I've seen your posts around, Hope you're having fun!
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