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Daily Thread for Saturday

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I hope you are having a nice day.

I´m having a terrible day

I saw that there had been bleeding form Pollýannas stitches and from the next cysts on the side of that one that was cut.
I was gonna call the vet emergeny since the clinic is only open untill noon on Saturdays, but since my mobile is beeing repaired I didnt have the emergency number, and trying to phone the clinic to get the number from their answering machine just didnt work - I always got connected to some shop´s machine telling they were closed on weekends - like I cared! The phone lines must have been mixing or something.

When I finally found out the emergency number there was blood all over the place. Her e-collar was red, I had put a towel under her, since she was laying on my bed and some had gotten to the sheets and now the towel was all with red dots...

When I had cleaned this I saw that the stitch is half open and the "cysts" is growing out from the cut.

The vet (onother one that had treated her, but knew Pollýanna´s story) said that this was probably growing out of the skin, the pressure was just too much, and her opinion was that this was cancer
She told me to cut a sleeve off and old jumper, cut holes for legs and put a (mmm....what is it called....) lady napkin, you know for the period...
I decited to send my s/o to the pharmacy and buy sterile thing to put on sores and then something to wrap her with, and then a soft "cylinder" ontop of that, which I cut holes for legs on, so now she lookes like she has an overall on.

Anyway, I am just such a mess now, I am not ready for Pollýanna to leave me, she has been with through so much...
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I'm sorry to hear this, and hope things will be okay with her. I can sympathize, because I imagine that "emergency situations" are even worse in Iceland than in Germany (people in the U.S. would freak out at the situation here - nobody can afford to get sick at night or on the weekends - help is rarely available, unless you live in a real metropolis). Perhaps you could try pressure or an ice pack to stop the bleeding. Tannic acid, found in most "black" tea bags, will also stem bleeding. You could put a clean tea bag under a sanitary pad/napkin, and then "clothe" her to prevent her from tearing off the dressing. Please let us know tomorrow how she is making out.
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I am really sorry about that, I hope she feels better soon! Our kitty family will be keeping you and Pollyanna in our thoughts! Please keep us updated!
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I just thought I´d add to this, that there does not seem to be much bleeding, but some. I peeked under the bandage before to check, and there was not much blood, but the thing growing out from her wound was even bigger, so that is growing very fast.
I will call the vet again tomorrow. They are very nice there. I they feel it would be necesary, they would arrange to meet me at the clinic, even it is Sunday, or at least give my good advice and meet me monday morning.
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Oh no Poor Pollyanna! I feel so bad for her AND you! I hope she is doing ok and the bleeding has stopped! I'm sending the mega vibes for you and her!
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