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Feeding cats ect

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Thomas is being very finicky and would like to ask advice as this one is new on me.
Over the past 34 years that I have had a cat in my life - at mealtimes for me, I have sometimes had company as two beady eyes would watch over me.
Thomas is no exception to this rule. However, its becoming silly now as I never see him eat his biscuits during the day or night. He seems stable weight wise and in the morning, a good percentage has gone. However, he will not touch his wet stuff - ie whiskas pouches etc that we have in. He will have what ever we are having - chicken, mince etc - you name it = we are not in the habit of giving him anything as dont want to start this behaviour. He does get some chicken now and then as a treat.
Any ideas how to get him on to soft stuff?

Also - he spends the day asleep under the bed - either ours or our son, then come late evening hes Mr Wonderful. Hes mr affectionate and wants to know you - for about 20 minutes, then its back to his quiet self and not interested in anything but sleep.
any ideas to try and get Mr affectionate up earlier and down stairs earlier than 22.00.

Grateful thanks to you all and I hope you are all well.

Best wishes

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Hi, Kev! I was just wondering where you'd gotten to! It sounds as if Thomas is settling in, but maybe he doesn't like Whiskas. When we first got JC, he refused to eat canned cat food. However, from day one, he felt it was his duty to clean my ears every morning, just like he'd licked his mother's ears. I went to the extreme of smearing canned cat food on my ear lobes to get him to accept wet food. Have you tried offering some really smelly canned food in the morning (tuna, shrimp, mackeral) to entice him to interact? It sounds as if he's adjusting pretty quickly, but you could try to use foods he can't resist as a kind of lure to get him to "communicate" with you. It's a good sign that he's seeking companionship in the evening. Give him a little bit of time to adjust to his situation.
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I have one cat who absolutely refuses to touch wet food. It doesn't matter what kind, what I do to it, doesn't matter. Hopefully, Thomas won't be that stubborn.
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It's just a thought, but perhaps Thomas doesn't like the consistency of the Whiskas pouches. Will he eat the paté in the small or large Whiskas cans? I tried I don't know how many different brands and kinds of food before I found out that Jamie would only eat food that came in small (c. 3 oz.) cans, that he wouldn't eat anything in gravy, and that he preferred food that still looked like meat or fish. He also won't eat any food, with the exception of Friskies, that can be bought in a supermarket. I'm not sure what is available in the UK, but I've had a lot of luck with almo nature (Italian), Miamor Fine Filets (German), Vivaldi (Austrian), Solid Gold (American) and Innova (American). Felidae and California Natural (both American) are very popular with cats, too. The last three are paté. After a lot of trial and error, I've now got JC to the point that he eats dry food in the morning and canned food in the evening. There's also an American brand called "Spot's Stew" that looks like home-cooked food.
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I don't get it - why force a cat to eat wet when they don't want to? There is nothing wrong with just dry! From what you said he doing great on it.
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Originally posted by Hell603
I don't get it - why force a cat to eat wet when they don't want to? There is nothing wrong with just dry! From what you said he doing great on it.
Male cats need the moisture from the canned food. Feeding just dry is a great way to stimulate the formations of crystals in their urine.

My Frantic wouldn't touch wet food with a 10' pole till I learned the secret. I only give Pipsqueek his dish of food. When Frantic starts pushing Pip out of the way to get at the canned food, Pip gets the next bowl of food.

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Keep plenty of water available and, with dry food, he should do well.
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Baileysidney11: I agree as long as you make sure he drinks eniugh water - which they usually because there is no other sourse of moisture - he will be just fine!!
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Maybe he is tired of eating the Whiskas food. I feed it to my cats for a while and then they stopped eating it. I have to switch up and only feed them soft food 1-2 times a week. They just won't eat it everyday.
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