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drinkwell water fountain

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I won a Drinkwell water fountain off of Ebay a week or so ago, and received it on Wednesday. The bengals love it, and I am so glad that I bought one!!! For those of you who don't know, one of our bengals, Gizmo, was constantly knocking over their bowl of water. Not only would it leave their bowl dry, it would soak the carpet, too!! Gizmo & Tigger always would jump up on the counter and wait for the faucet to come on; Scooter never was a problem, up until he caught on to what his big brother was doing! Since I received it, they don't drink from the faucet anymore. And, no more bowls being tipped over! It was well worth the money. It's like having their own drinking fountain.:tounge2: The funny part: Gizmo, Scooter and Tigger only drink from the spout part, and rarely drink from the bowl part.
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My cats love their Drinkwell. Best of all, Maggie has had no more urinary tract problems since I got it...she now loves to drink water!
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I wanted to get one of those, but I was afraid since it has to be plugged in... I'm a little nervous about the whole ELECTRICITY MEETS WATER thing. Are you guys comfortable with leaving it plugged in all the time???
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I have one and my cats like to drink out of it, but the males will still sit on the sink in the am waiting for you to turn on the faucet for them so they can have a drink. Oh well, I guess you can't win them all!
for the most part though, I think that it was worth every penny I spent on it and Yes I feel comfortable leaving it plugged in because I also have eight fish tanks that have lots of electricity running in them,(lights, filters, etc) and I don't really worry about them at all either.
So congratulations for you and I am glad I am not the only one who gives every hard earned penny so her cats can live in the lap of luxury! LOL! spoiled isn't even what my cats are, they are living in the lap of luxury and I love giving them the chance to do it!
My girls were outside cats now they will never "not have" anything as long as they are with me. the boys were:one from a farm and one from a cat show and they have been spoiled from day one and now they have sisters who are going on their one year anniversaries of living with me(Us) and I never regretted getting any one of them!:tounge2:
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I'm comfortable with leaving it plugged in, too. I have the cord covered by a mat. Like jugen, I have fish tanks, as well, and I've never had to worry! I think the drinkwell was well worth the money!
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What a coincidence! The Drinkwell fountain happens to be the chosen product of the week. Check out the main page: www.thecatsite.com and you can click the link there to read more about it and order from PetsMart.com.
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I bought one for a friend Anne! And I'll probably be buying one for myself shortly.
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I'm thinking of buying another one for Fluffy and Cinnamon. They deserve one, too! If they don't like it, the bengal trio could always use another one!
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