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Catproofing your computer

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Has anybody heard of, or does anybody use, "Pawsense" software? It seems like an odd thing to develop. It supposedly enables your computer to distinguish between human and feline "typing".
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Hmm, sounds strictly like a money-making item to me. Cats on the keyboard is not a major problem around my house. If I am not at the computer, the keyboard tray is slid in, anyway.
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Mine love to type to people, I don't mind as long as they are walking over it, but if they want to stay I move them. Neko prefers to sleep on the mouse though...
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Sounds like sucker-bait to me. We don't seem to have cat/keyboard problems, at any rate. Mine is on a drawer that slides in when I'm not at it; Rob's is on a desktop in the middle of their route to the study window, but they deliberately step over it.
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no cats on the keyboard here, but cat hair in the mouse is a common problem! I know Anne's cats fake me out all the time by engaging the computer while she is asleep-
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Muddy.....will you get off the keyboard!?!?!?

LOL! My friends are calling their kittens "qwesydirk" from walking across their keyboard. They spelled out their nickname one day.

Sounds like a waste of money.
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