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New Multi- cat household needing help

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We have an interesting problem going here. Sunshine, our adult female, just recently lost all of her kittens once again. We had a neutered male adult, Yoshi, that was living with my in-laws. The in-laws decided it was time for Yoshi to come home, so this past weekend we had to go and get him.

Problem here is Sunshine and Yoshi are at each other's throats. Yoshi comes from a multi cat household and has had problems with females before. Sunshine has been an only cat since we got her, a year ago.

Right now we have the two separated. Yoshi seemed highly stressed from the 5 hour trip back home, and we put him in our room to allow him to adjust to his new surroundings and mellow a little without the interference of our children. The two cats stay at the door and will hiss and swipe at each other under the door.

My question is: Is there any way of allowing the two cats to roam around freely without blood being shed? I understand that they have to establish their own boundaries and territory. But I am concerned that one or both of them will get hurt in the process.
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Have the new kitty stay in the room several days (up to a week). After a few days, lock up the old cat and let new kitty explore the house. Do this for a few more days...letting them each have time roaming the house by themselves.

While keeping them separate rub the new cat with a towel and then rub the old cat with the same towel. This will help them get used to each others' scents.

Once they seem more curious about each other than angry, you can let them out together. But...don't let them out until they seem to want to see (but not attack) cat on the other side of the door.

Once they are out together immediately give each cat a special treat (tuna water or something else extra yummy) at opposite ends of the room. This way they will associate good things (treat) with the other cat. Do this a couple of times daily, each time moving the plates a little closer together until they can eat close to each other without getting mad.

The most important thing is to introduce them slooooowly. If you push them together too quickly they will hate each other which will be very difficult to change. Go slowly and they are much more likely to get along.

Good luck!
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:angel2: Hi Sunshine ::angel2:

I sure have been cruising this net tonite looking for lots of answers to a bundle of questions including my own...I came across this site, I hope it can help sure has helped me; but I'll keep searchin'. :LOL:
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Thanks Lots! Actually we have been keeping one confined and letting the other out, and switching them up. Now the problem seems to be our female. She has started showing agressive tendencies not just to Yoshi but to us as well. It was her turn to be confined and I went in and was loving on her and out of the blue, she bit me, and then proceeded to attempt to claw my face.

I am at a loss as to what to do. She was such a good kitty before Yoshi came into the house, and now she has done a complete 180 on us. Hissing and spitting at my husband and I and now the biting incident.

I know that some cats are not meant to live with other cats, and I am beginning to think that she is one of them. She was showing semi aggressive tendencies towards her own kittens (throwing one of them like it was a mouse) and now is extremely hostile towards Yoshi. If she gets out of her confinement area, when it is his turn to be out, she attacks on site (she is ALWAYS the instigater) and usually hurts him a LOT worse than she winds up getting hurt. I never thought that my sweetie could be so vicious. Plus I worry about how she is going to react with my 4 children, two of which are still small (ages 4 and 2)I don't want to give her away but I also know that I can't keep her if she isn't going to settle down.

Is there anything that I can do to help or is this a possible lost cause?

Thanks all,
Mommy to Sunshine and Yoshi:kitty5:
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If things have gotten that aggressive, you might want to try Dr. Bachs rescue remedy and try again. I would give it to the both of them for a week or so. After that you can try talking to your vet about some prescription medications to take the edge off while introducing them. It has worked in many situations and it's worth the effort in order to keep them both.
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Thanks a lot Sandie! Anything is better than having to choose which cat to get rid of, mine or my husbands. Sure hope it helps!

Any info on where I can pick up Dr. Bach's?

Thanks again


Mommy to Sunshine and Yoshi :kitty5:
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Most health and nutrition stores have it. It's actually an herbal for people but works great with cats!! It's easier and faster to get it there than to order over the internet.
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