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HeLP please

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My 16 year old female cat just gave birth to a dead kitten and the kitten came out with the legs first.Before that we didnt even know she is pregnant because it didnt show that on her.Seldom she goes out to take a fresh air but she comes back in the house very fast.Please can you tell me if its dengarous and why she gave only a birth to one kitten that came out with the legs first and it was all blue.Since in our town there is no vet i really apprechiate if you give me any advice and tell me what could it be.Do you think there is a possibility the dead kitten was staying inside her for a long time a year or so?i mam so confused and worried please help it happened today.
Thank you
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Get your cat to the vet!!! That's the only way to know what happened. If she was pregnant, there is the possibility that there are other kittens still inside. Please take her to the vet today!
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If the kitten was normal looking, it was a normal gestation period which would mean she had gotten pregnant a few months prior. When the legs come first, it just means it was breech. There's many causes for stillborn kittens. It could be that she was too old, picked up a virus outside from the cat she mated with,or the kitten had a genetic defect. There is no way for you to tell if she might have another kitten inside of her. The only way to tell for sure is x ray, or surgery to look. You need to pay close attention to her for any vaginal discharge, any signs of not feeling well, and fever. If she has any of these symptoms, she may have another kitten inside, or an infection.
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Donata...I'm worried by your statement "there is no vet". Where do you live (city and state please). I would like to help you to find assistance as this could be a very dangerous situation for your cat.

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Well sadly enough i live in a small town in Bulgaria that there is no vet, but only a 3-4 hours away there is a veterinary clinic. We dont have a car and it is very difficult for us to do something about problems like this one.
I feel so sad because out of my 3 cats she has the best personality and the most interesting thing is that she wanted me to be in the room with her while she was giving birth. When i tried to get out of the room she was looking at me and meowing telling me "please stay", i felt it.
The cat is behaving normal now she sleeps a lot as usual and the only big problem i see so far is that she has milk, but no one can use itThank you
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Based on the situation that you are describing, I would encourage you to make the drive to the vet clinic with this mom. She is very old to be having kittens at this stage, and the complications that arise could be life threatening for her and her kitten(s)
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A 16 year old unspayed cat?? Um woah. If you plan on taking her to the vet, I would take all of your cats at once so they can be spayed. I didnt even think unspayed cats could live that long
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I second what sicycat said! Get your cats spayed ASAP...this is a dangerous situation and I would drive all day long if I had to!
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i dont have a car but with the bus i guess she is too old
what do you think?
Thank you
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Do you have a friend or relative that could drive you?
I think a bus would be very stressful for the cats.
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i will have to ask someone although my neighbours are not friendly at all and they dont like animals yes i will try to find someone.Its funny but we never go on vacations and anywhere else because we cannot leave the cats alone.Once i asked my neighbour if she can take care of my cats just for 2 days to give them food, water, clean litter.And she said "are you crazy no way they are dirty" i find that so sad how some people can be so mean and care only about their kids.Unfortunately in my town 90% of the people dont like animals, but this is another sad story...
So i have to think how and who i can ask so we go as soon as possible..hm .
Thank you
PS in Bulgaria the weather right now i -5 C and its snowing slightly.

The cat on the picture is my black cat that i found on the street 3 years ago, she was so little and hungry crying under one car she had a problem with her stomach and she was passing "gas" every 10 minutes,i took her and now she is 3 year old and very healthy, clean and happy cat with an interesting personality.I love her so much

On the picture: Just waking up

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