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My name is Sam

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I thought some of you would like to read this. I am not sure if it should be in the lounge but I figured one of you mods will move it if you think it should go some where else. But I just had to share this. Warning it's a Tear jerker!!!!

My Name is Sam

It makes me want to go get all the pets I can from Kill shelters.
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I'm not easily moved to tears, but that story really got to me. For the life of me, I can't understand how people can be so irresponsible with their pets. Neutering an animal is such a small thing, so why do so many people fail to do it? Whenever I hear people say, "We want her to have kittens (puppies) just once, so the kids can experience it", I'm ready to climb the walls. And how can anybody get rid of a dog because "he digs holes"?
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Very sad story, yet very moving as well.
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I am crying, very moving. Thank you for sharing.
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R.I.P. Sam!!!
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That would be a horrible experience. RIP Sam!
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Sitting at school is no place to cry, but here I am in tears. I am so angered by people who do not realize the an animal is a lifetime commitment, not a just a learning experience. I learned more from Buster and Snowflake in my 15 years with them than I ever learned in school. Things like love, compassion and the role of a caretaker. Please, Please spay and neuter, no animal asks to be born, abandoned or killed,they ask only to be loved.
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Now I know why I never go to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay without adopting at least one animal, and why my 3 cats are spayed neutered and once my fourth reaches 6 months will go and get fixed.
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