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Introducing me!!!

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As embarrased as I am todo this..imma post a pic of me here..pleasure to meet you all

I'm the guy that' standing there in the black t-shirt (and yes I realize I have a bottle-label stuck to my t-shirt loL!!!!!!)

.. edit...i temporarily removed this pic till i can figure out how to resize it..sorry mods
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Well nice to see you! You can shrink the photo down a bit and place it in our photo thread.

Pictures Pictures
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thanks! can you help me with that? I dunno how to shrink it down...i'm new at this stuff...bear with me..
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Hi and welcome to TCS.
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Welcome to TCS!!!

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Welcome to the site! I saw the picture, and there is no reason you should be embarassed at all!

Anyway, here's something that should help you with resizing, taken from the "How to Post Pictures" thread at the top of this forum.

To post from your computer: If your pictures are too large, you have to reduce the size in a photo editing program. There is a pretty good Freeware program that I use, which you can download at . The instructions for reducing the size here are directly for Irfanview, but any photo editing program like Picture It, Photoshop, even Paint will work (for Paint, it is under Image, Attributes)

Open your picture using Irfanview or other photo editing program, then go into the Image pulldown menu. Select "Resize/Resample" and in the first set of boxes on the left side of the window, make the largest side of your picture 400 pixels. Generally, as long as the picture is less than 400x400 pixels, you should be fine to post here. It also has to be less than 33Kb in size, so if you have the choice, save it on Medium or Low detail, and as JPG. BMP format does not work.
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that alone sounds daunting ... i'm in communications..i suck with computers...imma get someone to do this...

thanks for the welcome
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You can email it to me, and I will crop it and send it back to you-
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Welcome Katmandu - look forward to the pic
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Welcome!!!!! Looking forward to seeing that pic and I'm sure Hissy will be able to help you with the pic. Can't Wait!!!---persia
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k...let's try this if this works..above you see me along with a friend of mine that has moved up to Nova Scotia...she luv's cats too
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wow!! it worked!!!!!!!!....lemme try another one
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That's a great pic! Knew you could do it!!!!!--persia
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HI! Love the pic, welcome to TCS!
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Thanks again everyone for the warm (fuzzy) welcome !!!!!!!!! I like it here...imma stick around this place..
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Welcome to TCS! Nice pic. Do you have any pets?
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