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New Forum to Open March 1st

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On March 1st there will be a new forum simply called: Ask Animal Control-

Mark Kumpf the President of Virginia Animal Control, and with more qualifications than I can even list here, will be guest hosting this forum and answering any questions you might have regarding your animal control officers, laws or procedures.

Unlike the other forums, there will be a certain format to any questions asked, so that Mark will have enough information to present the best possible answer for you. Basically, he will need to know where you are located, city and state not actual physical address-

We are hoping to find understanding and agreement within this forum so bear in mind that claws must be sheathed.

The forum will be open for the entire month of March, and then closed for posting. Our thanks to Mark for hosting this, and to valanhb for moderating it, which we hope will be an easy task.
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Mary Anne, I believe he's President of the Virginia Animal Control Association, not Virginia Beach AC. It ought to be a very interesting forum.
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OOPs sorry- my error that has now been corrected-
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What a good idea! Can't wait.
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Great to hear. Looking forward to it. Love how TCS has all of these wonderful "guests" to help us all with our feline questions and answers
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I really like that idea! I've got a few questions myself!---persia
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What an excellent idea! I am so pleased Mr. Kumpf has agreed to do this, and this is VERY kind of him. Not that all of the other guest moderators aren't appreciated - all of them are experts in their fields and pressed for time - it's just that this is a sticky topic, and despite the fact that many of us cat and animal lovers have "issues" with animal control laws, I'm so glad that we've been able to separate our problems with the laws from those who are responsible for enforcing them. I am really looking forward to this!
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I am delighted that Mark Kumpf has kindly agreed to host a guest forum, even for a short time.
I have followed the 96 cats thread from the beginning but did not feel able to post. The thread has moved from outrage and hostility to understanding (and even some humour)on all sides. I feel that Mr.Kumpfs knowledge together his with undoubted compassion will be a winner.
It may not directly help us outside the US but may give us food for thought and questions we may offer to our own animal authorities.
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Would this only be for people in the USA?
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Not nescesarily it would be for people in the USA, but since the questions deal most with Animal Control regulations/laws, Mr. Kumpf will be most familiar and experienced with the American laws of animal control, than with foreign ones.... doesn't nescesarily mean that it won't be able to help, he may be able to do research on it.
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Thanks for letting us have this experience!
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Wonderful! Thank you, and thanks to him also.
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Mark's qualifications are quite extensive. It would not surprise me if he does have available resources to check out of the United States on animal issues, or that he could at the very least direct you where on the Internet to find the answer to your question.

Either or, it will prove to be a learning experience for all who either participate, or lurk and learn while the forum is going full speed ahead.
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The following are Mark's qualifications:

Sec/Treas for the National Animal Control Association and he sits on too many committees to list here. He was named VA ACO of the year in 1995 and International ACO 2001. He has traveled to many parts of the world including Japan, Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, England to name a few. He has multiple contacts in many of those places. Mark instructs for NACA & the Humane Society of the United States on a regular basis and has spoken at conferences all over the United States as well as in Australia.
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He's even travelled to Perth which is in Western Australia!

That used to be my old stomping ground and will be reclaimed for the last six months of this year when I do my final semester.

I've got a couple of questions I'd like to ask him myself.

Thanks for the opportunity.
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Oh look....another special forum!!!

Brought to you by The Cat Site....a totally interactive cat forum!
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So do I have to move our on-going argument to the new forum or can we keep arguing at the old one as well?

I'm kidding Mary Anne, I'm kidding!
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I would think it would be like beating a dead horse but knock yourself out Jimmy-

Here is the address to the new forum for everyone else
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