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Cat Bite

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My cat was stung 5 times at once by a yellowjacket and she had respiratory distress and all other associated problems. In the middle of this she bit me (I would have too).
What I would like to stress is how important it is to see a doctor for a cat bite! I had 3 surgeries and was in hospital for 32 days with a line in to heart to give antibiotics.
Next problem was me trying to reestablish myself with this cat. Luckily, I had a fabulous vet who knew Misty since she was 5 weeks old. I had to learn to take control and not show her I was scared (duh). I have done this and no it wasn't always easy- but I still have my Little Love which the vet has since told me is unusual. Misty is on medication (probably for the rest of her life) which is better than the alternative.
This has been quite a learning experience for me both as a nurse and a cat owner.
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My sister almost lost her arm to a cat bite. When she was bit, the bite was so severe, the cat left a tooth in her bone. It wasn't for quite awhile afterward before the doctors found it, and when they went in to remove the tooth, they discovered a rare form of bone cancer along with it. Not sure if the two are related, but cat bites are nothing to take lightly. They should be tended to right away with a good scrub of betadine, and antibiotic creme to boot. Glad you are going to be okay!
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Ok in follow up to this serious problem- if you are not current on a tetanus shot and you get bit, go to the doctor and get a shot. If the bite becomes red, inflamed, swollen, or you see red streaks starting to shoot up your arm or leg GET TO THE DOCTOR! Don't jump on a board and type "Gee should I go to the doctor?" Cats carry a large amount of bacteria in their mouths. You should see a doctor for any severe cat bite, and most cat bites are severe!
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