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Do any of you know any good websites that sell T-shirts with pictures or sayings for a fairly cheap price? I was going to do a search later, but thought I'd ask here first. I wear alot of T-shirts or sweatshirts, just for everday or for college, and alot of them need replacing, but I don't have alot of money to spend on them. I just don't want to be spending $18 for one T-shirt!!!!
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I once saw a T-Shirt with a set of words of Pedro Albizu Campos, an independentist leader of the 1940s that read:

Aquel que se avergüeza de su origen nunca valdrá nada, porque empieza por despreciarse a sÃ:censor: mismo.

(He who feels ashamed of his origins, will never be worth anything, as he starts by hating himself)

The best shirt I saw

Anyway, if you want T-Shirts you should perhaps forget the WWW as they will always be charging the S&P charges. Perhaps there must be a good clothes store near you which sells at good prices T-Shirts. I know of a lot around here.
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This site has the best shirts:

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All of my shirts are from Target or Walmart, and (shock and amazement) most of them have cats on them! LOL!
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I got a great Valentine's Day shirt at WalMart. It has a kitty on it with a computer mouse and LOL, written in heart-printed script. Underneath, is written "Lots Of Love". For $5, I couldn't go wrong.

Last Fathers' Day, I got one for Mark, reading "This is what a COOL dad looks like". I think that it was $10 at Target. It seems that every time, that I see him, he's wearing it.

Flea markets are a good source of cool T-shirts, too. Walgreen's always has locally-themed ones and a lot of patriotic and holiday ones, too.
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Cindy, thanks for that website! I bookmarked it and tomorrow I am going to go check it out further and buy some of them!!! THANKS!!!!
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