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My Valentine's Weekend-I know it was a week ago but..Long post....

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I had the best Valentine's weekend I have ever had! Steven suprised me with a night at the Weston Diplomat in Hollywood, FL. We have been wanting to go there for about 2 an a half years now, since it was built. It is on the ocean in Hollywood which is just outside of Ft. Lauderdale. Here is the link to the hotel http://www.diplomatresort.com/
We had a room on the side of the hotel that looks over the intercoastal waaterway! Saturday I went to the spa and got my very forst facial. It was so relaxing. The spa was really nice. Wish I could afford a membership but it costs ALOT to join, and that is just to be able to go there. They still charge you when you have facials and massages done!
He got his hair cut and I got mine styled and then we went to the brand new restaurant called Nikki Marina. It was neat. They had beds out by the boat dock. You could lay there with your drink and watch the boats go by. Really cool!
We went back to the room and changed and went back to the Restaurant for after dinner drinks. We walked around the docks and talked holding hands. THEN...He asked if he could see my engagement ring. I thought he waas gonna clean it or something. He then got down on his knee and asked me to marry him right in front of the fountain! I was so shocked. We have been technically engaged since last April but we just got the ring, he didn't actually propose to me. Of course I said yes and we kissed an hugged for like 10 minutes in front of all the people walking around us.
It was like a scene in a movie. I couldn't have asked for a better way to get engaged. He is such a sweetheart! (And he likes cats!)
Sorry this was so long, I just wanted to share with all of you. Now we just gotta set a date!
I will post pics of my ring and the hotel and stuff as soon as I get my digital camerea working correctly, the cord to plug it into the computer is messed up.
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Congratulations! Wow, that sounds so romantic. So there are people who get formally engaged that way! My husband and I decided to get married while having a cup of coffee in a department store snack bar. It was like, "Are we going to stay together?" "I guess so." "So when should we get married?"
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Ya that's kind how it went for us last April too. We were at the mall and we just got a ring.
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Sounds absolutely wonderful, and I think that's cool re the proposing again.
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How romantic!

I'm so glad you had a wonderful time! It sounds like you've got a keeper!
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That was a sweet and romantic Valentine weekend! Congratulations!
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Oh Ginger what a wonderful story!! Congrats to you both! Can't wait to see the pics!!
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Ginger, that is just such a wonderful weekend!! It does sound like something out of a movie. I didn't think that really happened to real people.
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that is so cool! Congrats!!
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Congratulations!!! AND he likes cats? That is a major major plus!
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Thanks everybody! And yes he does love cats, he plays with them all th time
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Ginger. What a great weekend! That was so sweet. I could actually picture it all.

I remember going to Hollywood years ago. I stayed at the Hollywood Beach Resort. Loved it. It was a nice, quiet area.

Looking forward to seeing the pictures.
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Wow Ginger! This is so romantic!
Congratulations! I cant wait to see the pic to the ring!
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