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Cat Behavor

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I have been advised to get a kids water pistol. I did use a regular spray bottle but the kids water pistol seems less abrasive. I have only had muffin for 2& 1/2 weeks. He is adorable but as I read from others this biting and clawing really hurts. Even if I make believe my hand is a pistol, he runs around and and seems to be thinking and calms down. This way there is no yelling, touching, and the light spray from a kid's water pistol interrupts and makes them stop. I brought muffin in for his first shot and they had to taken him in a room and hold him down in the carrier and give him a needle through the mesh. If I can tame him and make him a pet, I will find someone to take him if in the event I can't keep him. My landlady's dog bit me and I took in muffin because he was locked in a bathroom avoiding a dog trying to eat him. He is being spoiled by me with toys and food. I spend almost all day just being with him. We play with plastic ball's that have a bell inside and he has several stuffed animals and a wand with a long tail. He seems to remember that we do certain things and he goes to the place he wants to be if I move something he is used to like where I put his food. He seems to only want to go in the litter box when it is clean. He us extremely clean conscious. He is very energetic and flys around the rooms. He knows objects by name and visual. I have no idea why people think a kitten does not have intelligence. I am trying to figure out his age. He has fang teeth and nothing in between. I feed him every variety of food and he eats everything.

Does anyone know how to tell age by the teeth. Thanks and I hope the water pistol works for you as well.
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Can you post a picture of the kitten? The vet didn't have a guess as to age?

I am going to disagree with your use of the water pistol. Cats don't really respond to discipline; they do much better with reward. When you spray him, you are scaring him. He is not making any association between what he is doing when you spray him and the punishment. All your cat knows is that someone he trusts is doing something scary. It can actually make cats more aggressive.

It's great that you can spend so much time together! How much and how often are you feeding him? What are you feeding him? Wand toys are great as they create distance between you and the toy. Does he every pant and become exhausted from play? It could be that he's not tired out enough.

You can also get a stuffed animal around his size and encourage him to attack that instead. Make sure you always have it near.

Otherwise, walk away and ignore him whenever he bites or scratches if its aggression. If it's play, give him the toy.

Thanks for helping this little one!
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Yes They guessed his age but because the person who posted on Facebook showed a picture of a tiny kitten and he is much bigger than a tiny kitten I knew she lied to me. He has grown more and he has been eating good. I have wet food but he doesn't seem to care for it so I bought a different brand to see if he likes that any better. He eats any dry food and since they sell small sizes of food I bought several kinds. He ate one with garden greens last night and he seems really very calm this morning.rea
I will do my best to send a picture. I have done all the things you suggested. He is becoming tamer. I went out yesterday and did not bring him. He used to growl at me. He let's me pick him up now and I can pet him. I hope I did this right. Let me know if you got the picture.
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