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Spay Day USA

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Next Tuesday people will be out celebrating Carnival, Mardi Gras, Fasching or Donut Day, and, hopefully, Spay Day U.S.A! I think this is something really positive that we should all try to support however we can.
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hey jcat, where did you used to live in Philly? I live in levittown...in bucks county..about 15 minutes from there. hopefully going to teach in the city next year!
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I was born in Northeast Phila. - Hunting Park, lived in Glenolden and Prospect Park (suburbs, SE PA) for a few years, and then on City Line. I attended primary and secondary schools in Delaware County (Interboro: public, Cardinal O'Hara : private, Catholic), and then St. Joseph's and the University of Pennsylvania, both in Philly. I've lived half my life abroad, and my family has been living in the Midwest for at least the past decade, but Phila. is still "home" to me.
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Yeah, Philly is so awesome...my boyfriend sings with the Philly Opera Company and I went to La Salle...I am now finishing my degree in music education at Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ...but I really miss going to school in Philly. And the cheese steaks too! Haha!
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Believe me..I've been crossposting all the wonderful low cost/free spay options in the DC area. I hope a lot of dogs and cats get fixed.

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So do I. I just had an argument with a friend. Her dog (female) is almost a year old and hasn't been spayed yet, supposedly because it is too expensive. This woman is constantly running to the hairdresser's and getting her hair colored and restyled!
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Sacramento County's Spay Day is today, I hope they get lots of animals fixed today! Our SPCA's are being over run with pit bulls, and some of them are so darn sweet, they were the ones used for bait for dog fighting. Now our SPCA is paying people 20 bucks for spaying/neutering their pit bulls just because there are so many in the shelter and everyone is scared of them!
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Pit bulls have basically been "outlawed" in most German "länder" for the past three years, ever since two jumped a fence surrounding an elementary school in Hamburg while the kids had recess, and killed an 8-year-old. They can't be bred or imported, anyone with a criminal record can't own one, and they have to pass a "disposition test" in order to be treated like normal dogs. The license fee for them runs to about €1,000 (well over $1,000). Our animals shelters are full of them, and in most cases people are afraid to adopt them, because they'll be "mobbed" by neighbors, friends, etc.. Our shelters are "no kill" shelters, so most of these dogs have been condemned to spend 5, 10 or 15 years locked up in cages, until they die. The same applies to other breeds deemed "dangerous", e.g., Bull Terriers, Dogo Argentinos, Mastiffs, Rottweilers, and the like. It's a tragic situation.
We don't have a "Spay Day" here, but most of the vets in our area have agreed to charge €30 to spay or neuter shelter or feral animals, which is less than the cost of a visit to your hairdresser, or a carton of cigarettes.
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