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Facing Problems- a post from Rock&Fluff'smom

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Ok, I was asked to write this on Kathy's behalf, so here it goes. Those of you who know her, may know this story others may not.

Awhile back Kathy contacted me about finding a safe place for her cats. She was in the process of leaving a relationship that had worn her down. Dealing with verbal, emotional and other types of abuse, she had reached the end of her rope and was getting ready to flee. We tried to find safe haven for her cats, but were unable to find anything suitable.

It is my understanding that she did leave for awhile, but has since returned and decided instead of just taking it, to do something pro-active about it and both parties are now in counseling and her life is looking brighter for it.

She does not have access to a computer at home, as she is working on fixing her marriage and didn't want the distraction that a computer can hold for some people. You can reach her by email if you want to send her your support and well wishes:


And Kathy when you do get around to reading this, I just want to commend you for taking steps to right a wrong in your life. So many times I hear of people who just stay in abusive relationships because they somehow have come to believe they "deserve" the abuse. Having been in one a long time ago, I understand the forces working against you 24/7 and good for you for turning around and facing them! Best of luck!
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Glad to hear you are ok Kathy. Good for you and your husband for trying to fix what is wrong in your relationship. I hope that your cats have made it through this situation ok also. Hope to see you on TCS once your life is happy and your home is mended.
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Kathy, you're a hero. It takes more strength than Superman has to confront a situation like that and take action to change it. I wish you all the happiness in the world.
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I'm so glad to hear Kathy is okay...thanks for letting us know! I will pray that she and her husband can work things out through counseling and that he will treat her better and realize how lucky he is to have her in his life.
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Glad to hear Kathy is ok. It takes courage to do what she is doing.

I hope they can work things out for the best for everyone involved.
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Hey kathy.. i don't know you, but just wanted to commend you on having the strength to move forward...

hope you can work things out...regardless of the outcome..you're headed in the right direction!!!!
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Kathy, I glad things are looking brighter. It takes a lot of courage to stand up for youself in a relationship like that (I was in one, "only" with the verbal abuse though, and never got the courage, but to my luck he had started another relationship on the side...)
It must be so much harder when you have kids, so you are a true hero!
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Kathy, I hope everythings going great for you! I'm so glad you decided to become the agressor so to speak and take things and change them. I was in an abusive situation also so I understand how it is, luckily his friends finally told me that i needed to go, and that I didnt' deserve the s**t he was putting me thru. SO they helped me move one day while he was in Chicago and i've never looked back since. Now I have a Fantastic man who I love with all my heart!
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I don't know you but I want u to know you are some kind of woman
to do what you're doing! Good luck and best wishes!!--Persia
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You and your family are in my prayers.
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Kathy i really wish you well.

I've never been in an abusive relationship, but have a friend at the moment who is in one, and she and her partner are 'trying' to work at it.
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Thanks Hissy and everyone for your kind words..It means so much to me....((hugs)) I feel so loved here and that is all I can say for now... thank all of you...
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Hi, Kathy! Everybody here is rooting for you. I wish you all the best, and hope you'll "stop by" whenever you can and let us know how you're doing.
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