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God Bless this German Shepherd dog!

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We live along a busy highway. There are always people that have broken down that stop at the houses on the road when something happens. Earlier today, while my husband was out at the shop, a dark van stopped across the road and two people came to the door.

Right away, I did not like the look of them. They wanted to come in and use the phone, said their van "ran out of gas", but I just grabbed the cordless and brought it to the door instead. There were two of them, a man and a woman, and the woman asked if she could use the bathroom. Just then, Kenai blasted through the dog door and ran to the front door barking more aggressively than I have ever heard her! Usually, one word of command to her and she will stop barking and go to her bed. But not today, she planted her feet right by the door snarling and barking, and the two people left in a hurry and ran across the highway, got into their van and DROVE AWAY!

I gave Kenai a big hug and a bigger meaty bone. Somehow, she knew these people were up to no good. Ijust wish I had had the frame of mind to get their license number, because I would of called the police.
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Hissy - that is a great reminder of how we should listen to our animals!
They are often smarter than us humans.
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I really believe that animals (and especially dogs) have a highened sense of intutition.

Give Kenai a pat on the head for me!
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I am glad she came to the rescue for you. I am still waiting for the day when I have enough room and time to bring home a GSD. I grew up with the most beautiful girl in the world. She would do her rounds at night and check on everyone. Until she hit the age of 10 and the hip displacia took her ablility to even use the bathroom. We had to say goodbye but I still carry around her name tag
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Hissy - God sure was looking out for you today and was working through your dog. It's amazing what animals can sense. I'm so glad you're safe. I've gotten to where I don't even answer the door unless my husband is home or it's someone I know.
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Your Kenai sounds wonderfull. Its amazing how he sensed that these people were trouble. The fact that they ran the way they did shows he was right on the money about them too.
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What a great dog!

My parents' home was broken into a few years ago. At the time my parents had a sweet old mutt of a dog...definately not an attack dog. When my parents came home they soon realized that the house had been robbed and they were extra scared because the dog was nowhere to be found. But....in just a moment they realized that the thieves had locked the dog into the bathroom so she would stay out of their way while they robbed the place! Actually....I think the thieves must have been dog lovers because they didn't hurt her and putting her in the bathroom kept her from running out the front door. Not bad for a couple of criminals!
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Hissy; Kudos to Kenai! He is of the Canines! I have thought many times before when you have mentioned him (i.e. on your trail walks or how good he is around the horses) that he was one "Special Boy". He certainly knows how to look out for his "Family"!!!
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What a great watch dog! He definitely sensed
something was not right! You have to be really
careful these days and a big loving German Shepherd
is nice to have in your home - especially when
something like that happens. Thank goodness
you are okay. Great job Kenai!
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What a great dog! How old is she? Does she always bark at strangers?

Our dog Bambi is the friendliest dog I have ever know. She is so non aggressive! She loves meeting new people and new dogs and makes friends very easily.

Yet, if a stranger approaches the house and we're not there she barks her head off. I really like that as it makes me feel safer. I know that she would never attack anyone, but if I hadn't known her I would be scared of her. She is not as large a GS but she's not a small dog either (more like the Boxer size but more slender) and has a very loud and intimidating bark.

My in-laws are going to South America in less than a month for a 2-month backpack trip (they're in the 70's!) and hubby's brother plans to go to India within a few weeks, God knows for how long. That means that when hubby will be away on duty for a couple of weeks in October I will be all alone. I sure am glad to have our Bambi with me. I know I will feel a lot safer with her in the house...
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Hissy!!! God was definately with you!!! And protecting you through his wonderful creation, I too have a German Shepherd, and although mine isn't as well behaved as I would like, (she is only a year old this summer, and likes to play a little too rough sometimes, but never hurts anyone....) I think she would defend me if she had to! She is such a beautiful and loving dog!

I am really glad you are okay!
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Kenai is one great dog! The one thought that went through my mind was, how the hell did they get in their van and drive away if they ran out of gas????

There was definitely something very fishy there. Kudos to Kenai!

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Mike thinks they were casing the joint, or trying to anyway. But Kenai was on the alert
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