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Friday's DT!

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Hey everyone!

TGIF-HUH?!?! I am so happy this long week is almost over with! I have been planning my mom's bridal/lingerie shower on March 6th. I just finished with all the invitations! Have a lot to do with my two classes--hopefully, I won't get too stressed out with that. Zack and I are going to see his parents tomorrow night and spend Sunday with them. I have to work on my case study sometime tomorrow on Piaget's and Vygotsky's theory. I am really enjoying my educational psych class! Well, hope everyone has a great weekend!!
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My week has flown past!.
I've just been txt by my next door neighbour and friend to go out for a drink, but it's so cold here at the moment i can't be bothered. Then again, once i put a bit music on, have a glass of wine while i put my make up on i soon change my mind!!

Have a good weekend everyone.
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I woke up this morning with a sore throat, swollen tonsils, plugged ears and nose, and now I feel sick to my stomach...I think this is so weird, I rarely go anywhere and it is just my mom and I here, yet I catch something? Oh well, no plans today or this weekend, probably cleaning again.
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Went out this morning to get the groceries, isnt that always fun?

It is such a beautiful day out here, we might go out for a walk.

Jake has fridays off, he likes long weekends lol, more time to drive me nuts

Have a good day

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chixyb - Hope you feel better

Hope you all have a good weekend, I'm gonna sit by the front door and wait for my games, I know it sounds sad but they remind me of a time in my life that was good and far less complicated than it is now hopefully they will arrive and I can have a reminisce(sp?).

The weather here is lovely and sunny but absolutely freezing and windy so I've been enjoying the sunshine through the window with the heating on

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I took the day off work to set up new furniture in my living room. For the first time in my life, I have a brand new sofa, new arm chairs and a new carpet. The carpet came in yesterday, so I spent the day arranging furniture. And the room just got the cat seal of approval. I have a sofa table behind the sofa, against the wall (so no space to walk around or anything), it has a large piece of fabric draped over it, that almost reaches the floor. So that is the kitty cave. And both cats rolled around on the plush new carpet, so they like that too.

I am very pleased with the whole project.
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Sammie-Congrats on your brand new furniture! I bought new furniture about a year ago to the first time too. Before I had always had hand-me-down furniture from my parents.

I am so bored this afternoon. I am all dressed up from my job interviews today. Steven is at work. I am sitting here with nothing to do (exccept post on TCS of course).
I want to do my puzzle but Sasha just comes and breaks up the pieces and throws them to the floor
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FRIDAY!!!!!!!!! :sleep3: :sleep3: :sleep3:
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katl8e, you posted my sentiments perfectly!
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