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What's going on? help!

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Everytime I post my computer keeps making a noise like a creaky door opening and closing shut all scary and it's freaking me out, like now it slammed! what is it, help me im scared cause hootiecats are fraidycats!1aaaahhhhhh hootiecat
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It sounds possessed to me! I have bad computer Karma so I get things like that happening all the time on my machine!
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Hard drive acting up? Suggest you back up your important files in case your machine crashes!!
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That is sooo not funny, Oh you want to play? knock it off. Psalm118:6
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I fixed you!
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Are you sure it isn't your hard drive?

I would do this: Start taking out and reputting in pieces until I figure out which one is it.
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I dunno but I remember quite a few years back my nephews computer would make clucking sounds (like a chicken!), I thought it would lay an egg or something.

I can't remember why though but I think something was going bad and had to be replaced.
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Palsm 118:6 made it go away????????!!!!
I really hope that doesn't mean it's running around loose somewhere on TCS!!!!!
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Do you have a pop-up blocker? That's the sound mine makes whenever it "catches" one.
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I fixed you meant I cleared up ALOT OF JUNK. Psalm 118:6 was just a courage reminder for me, I don't believe in possessed machines! The noise is gone, somehow gators and sah agents were placed on my computer, I'm going to be alot more careful.h-cat
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Aww... Kellye what a cute little bunny.... Hootiecat, I hope you fixed your computer problem.
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HAHAHA, that bunny is so hilarious!!!
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Cool, I like that picture! I can be about as confusing as a bunny with a pancake on it's head I guess. Yeah I fixed it, no more creaking doors, at least that stopped. Well I'd say this thread is read for me. bye hootiecat
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Dumb question for ya...Do you have Yahoo Messenger? If so, it will make the sound of a door slamming or openning. It does that when one of your IM friends are logging on or off.

Could that be the problem?
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You read my mind Shell, I was just going to suggest that.

BTW Kellye, love the bunny!
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