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wrestling with my conscience.....

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This is probably nothing, but I got a very uneasy feeling about it, and do not know what to do.
I was driving to school yesterday evening, and noticed a car sitting across from the entrance of the Marine Corps air staion. There were 2 men sitting in it watching very the gate very intently, each talking on a cell phone. Traffic was slow, and when they noticed me looking at them, they seemed to slump down in their seats. I had to turn around and go back past the due to road work, and they were peeling out of the parking lot. I happened to get behind them, and they sped away. Both were middle eastern looking men in their 20s. Neither could have been Marines because they had facial hair.
I took down the tag number, but am hesitant to speak to anyone about it. I would hate to waste anyone's time on nothing, or have probably innocent people harrassed, but it just looked SO odd. I would have not been so concerned if they had not been right outside the gate of the base.
What do I do?
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I would call- definitely. Look at it this way, if something happens and you did not call? There actions sound mighty suspicious to me anyway.
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I would as well, you don't have to give your name or address in case your worried!.
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I say, call! The worst that can happen is that you were wrong. Tell them just the way you told us. They'll check it out and if it was nothing then GOOD. Your conscience would feel much worse if you did nothing and (God forbid) something happened.

Go for it, you could be saving lives.
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I'm with everyone else. Think of how many times people have seen something that didn't look right but shrugged it off, and it was indeed something to be concerned about.

As my mother used to say, better safe than sorry.
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You know, they keep pounding it our brains, if something doesn't look right, report it. So please, report it. Sounds very suspicious, especially outside a Marine Base. And hey, let's face it....Marines are quite frankly feared the world over if you are on the other side. Sounds like a prime target to me.
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I agree, call the authorities.
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I agree with all the others, please report this ASAP. Like airprincess said in her post, it's better to be safe than sorry!
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That was what I was leaning toward doing. Thanks a lot for the input. I would rather be wrong than have something happen and know I did nothing.
Now for the next thing, who do I tell?
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I don't know... I say call them... My main fear is that it is a false alarm and the people who were in the car are harrased. At the same time Middle Easterners are very alike facially to Latin Americans, so most probably they would not be like that at all.

I think that if they were outside the gate probably they were just waiting for someone from inside.. a friend, who knows, maybe they are well known friends in the base.

I say give them a call to the base and give them that license number... If they were doing nothing but looking around, I guess they will be asked questions and such and nothing more. If they were up to something. well we've stopped something.

And if the Marine Corps base does nothing and later the place blows up... then its their responsibility for slacking off! you did the correct thing.
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Try calling either a general information number or the main number at the base. Even if you get an automated recording of various extensions, hopefully, it will also tell you how to reach a live person for further assistance. And then ask that person who you should talk to.
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There must be MPs on the base. Call, and ask to be put through to them, and describe the situation. Or call the police.
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Yes definatly call the MP's. They will know what to do. They can probably run the license plate and check out the owner of the car. If nothing else it will give them a head's up to watch for the 2 men in the car if they show up again.
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Or drive up there, walk up to the gate and when the marine on duty approaches you give him the facts that you have and let him decide.
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Originally posted by hissy
Or drive up there, walk up to the gate and when the marine on duty approaches you give him the facts that you have and let him decide.
That is a better idea... at least no one will think its a prank call or anything like that.
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I'd definitely report this. It doesn't pay to to be reticent, in today's climate. Call the base information office and give them your information. It won't take them long to run a plate.

I like the idea of talking to the gate MP, too. If he's cute and single, it could be a good thing.
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I don't think the base would have jurisdiction to directly investigate something like this since they were not on military property. They would have to involve the local police or some federal investigatory agency. You could also call the FBI if you have an office where you live. If you want to be anonymous, don't call from your home or job.
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I am a police sergeant and a former member of the USNavy, and I agree you should call it in. Just tell the dispatcher who answers your call the same as you have told us. Don't worry whether or not it is a false alarm, it is always better to err on the side of caution.
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